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Submission + - Microsoft's Ballmer to retire

beebware writes: The BBC is reporting that Steve Ballmer is to retire from Microsoft within the next 12 months stating ""There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time. We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction.". Microsoft's stock surged up by 8% on the announcement.

Comment Ideal benchmark (Score 2) 537

A kid is exactly the benchmark we should be using for this. After all, a 3 year old is exactly the target market: they are the people using computers all day long in banks, call centers, offices etc where you don't need to worry about getting the software to do what you want in the manner you need it to: i.e. make your job easier.

Comment Implied consent is now ok (Score 5, Informative) 208

48 hours before the law came into force, the ICO issued new guidelines at which basically reads as "If the user's browser accepts cookies, then they agree to the cookies being stored". Making the whole things pretty moot. Why they waited until the "11th hour" to state the obvious is annoying...

Comment Always take a copy of your CV (Score 3, Informative) 344

Always take a copy of your CV or resume to an interview: I've yet to be interviewed somewhere where the agency hasn't "tweaked" my CV in some way or another (and I've been on the receiving end as well - we were looking for a PHP programmer and the agency sent someone with a good looking CV - apart from the fact they had changed all mentions of Java to PHP: totally misrepresenting the candidate). Plus it's useful to have your own CV to refer to "just in case".
Alternatively, don't forget to promote yourself on sites such as and - build up your own client base and get to keep the 10-25% the agency "skims" for just download bunches of CVs from job sites, adding their logo and sending them on.

Comment Hmm, good loophole through the 7-album contract (Score 1) 276

Get in artist, get them to record 70 songs (allowing 10 songs per album: how many are on an album nowadays) - then say, "sorry, 20 tracks were rubbish - re-record them". Sony then release 7 albums and pay artist for 7 albums. Several weeks later release 2 new albums and don't pay the artist... Cunning (but in a bad way!).

Comment Re:No Opera? (Score 2, Insightful) 532

Yes, but then they could just have a local cache server running on the test machine... It could just be the case that IE is more aggresively cacheing (or even incorrectly cachine) content. IIRC the default install for IE is "Always use the cache" whereas Firefox et al, it's "Check with server". Internet Explorer users could be being served outdated content faster, but Firefox users be served newer content slightly slower.

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