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Comment Poor Tracked Changes (Score 1) 254

While occasional formatting inconsistencies when editing Word files can be problematic, the main thing that prevents me from using LibreOffice is the absence of a final view mode with markup when tracked changes are turned on. This has been a feature request for ages, submitted by numerous people. Apple managed to implement it in Pages, so I'm not sure why LibreOffice hasn't been able to after 10 years.

Comment Privoxy = network-wide ad-blocking (Score 2) 528

I'm surprised I didn't see Privoxy mentioned in the comments. It may not be as effective or updated as regularly as many browser plugins, but it's the only way to block ads across your entire network, on ANY device. This is one of the reasons I never encounter ads in iOS apps/games with iAds. I've been using it since the days of Internet Junkbuster, before ad-blocking plugins even existed. Aside from blocking ads, Privoxy has some other privacy enhancing features as well.

Comment Re:External PDF viewer? (Score 1) 115

The first browser that allowed PDFs to be displayed inline without a plugin was Safari since its beta stages. That's because OS X has had the ability to display PDFs built in to it since its Nextstep days. So, it all stems from a desire to duplicate a feature in Safari that was actually a native feature of OS X . . .

Comment Add me to the Seagate 3TB club . . . (Score 1) 297

My 3TB Seagate drive was spotty from the beginning, but where I live getting a warranty replacement might end up costing you more than just buying a new drive. The latter is certainly faster and more convenient. It kept going for two years and finally died last week. The fifteen year old drive in my G3 iMac, however, refuses to die.

Comment Re:I own a ZTE v875 (Score 2) 181

Particles of dust inside the LCD and opening it up periodically is an experience most people do not want to endure, alongside an outdated OS and fragile connections. You got what you paid for, which is fine for you but not many others who want a phone that 'just works.'

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