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Comment Re:The more you tighten your grip... (Score 3, Interesting) 315

If you consider the close example "I READ it", you don't know if it's present or past tense. That's a loss of information. Anyway, the point is moot, no one in France is seriously pushing for changing the language. People even want to keep their local idioms, although they're slowly dying out.

Comment Re:The more you tighten your grip... (Score 1) 315

It's actually something that pops up every few decades. Each time without effect, because everyone is used to make do with AZERTY. There already are French-optimized layouts of course (dvorak-fr, bepo, etc), but they are not standardized and are sadly probably too different to get any kind of traction.

Comment Re:The more you tighten your grip... (Score 5, Insightful) 315

Not sure what you are talking about. The point here is that French people can't properly type their own language on their keyboards. It's not about legislating the language, it's about being able to type it correctly. Not using a word because you can't type it easily is annoying. As is realizing that because you didn't type the accented version of a letter, your sentence changes meaning. In short, it's about giving people control so that they can actually write whatever they want.

Comment Re:Don't overthink it (Score 1) 174

Use a DSLR if you want to take and keep nice pictures. It's what a DSRL is designed for. It might be bulky, but I'd rather carry that and take a beautiful picture, than not and get a flat or blurry picture on my phone. Cellphones can come in handy, but the pictures they take are flat and boring. They're also very slow and suck in low light. They're nice to share pictures quickly with family, but they won't be the pictures you come back to years later... I don't own a mirrorless camera, but maybe it can be a nice middle ground?

Submission + - Riddell Asked To Step Down From the Kubuntu Council

itwbennett writes: Friction between the lead Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell and Ubuntu reached extreme temperatures on Monday when the Ubuntu Community Council (UCC) asked Riddell to step down from 'leadership in Kubuntu' as well as 'all positions of leadership in the Ubuntu Community.' According to Riddell, the bone of contention was a years-long, ongoing inquiry by Riddell about the distribution of donations collected by Canonical from Ubuntu.com. The Kubuntu Council met this morning and has come out behind Riddell, saying they didn’t find his behavior in violation of Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Submission + - Major Terrorist Attack Strikes France (bbc.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Terrorist gunmen claiming to be from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have stormed the building of a French publication Charlie Hebdo that had recently published a cartoon of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The gunmen are known to have killed eleven hostages so far and the situation is still ongoing. Currently, the BBC has the most information out of English news outlets. French speakers can consult the headline at Le Monde for more current news.

Comment Re:gun safe? (Score 1) 646

For starters, why would you care about homicides by guns in particular?

Isn't this all about guns?

Your argument about rape being prevented by guns is weird. Also, it's completely false. You say UK has 4x more rapes than US, but wikipedia has 28.6/100,000 rapes for US and 24.1/100,000 for UK. France has 16.6/100,000.

Comment Re:gun safe? (Score 1) 646

Statistics plainly doesn't support your argument.

Well, for example, if you look at this wikipedia page you would see that in the US there are 4.14 deaths by homicides with guns for every 100,000 pop, while in France, where there is strict gun control, there are only 0.44/100,000. I suspect there are a lot less police-related deaths too since French police do not assume everyone has a gun and therefore should be less likely to use their own weapon. In Germany, in 2011, police shot a grand total of 85 bullets, with 6 fatalities...

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