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Comment Re:wrong approach... (Score 1) 375

When it comes to the management staff, Apple typically hires people who are not technically savvy. They may have computer skills, but those skills are incidental when compared to people/retail skills.

People who are not technically savvy are the prime target for Apple's marketing- so bringing these computer novices into the company and educating them on how everything Mac (hardware, software, iPods, etc) works so smoothly together engenders a sense of loyalty about the brand and the product. Even with a pay raise, working for Microsoft is not very appealing to these folks. There are always exceptions, but my point is that Microsoft would do better to pick from the enormous pool of retail management that has not yet been indoctrinated.

Comment wrong approach... (Score 2, Insightful) 375

Why this will fail: Apple's staff are only able to do their jobs (selling Macs, increasing brand loyalty) due to the tools they have- the product. If Macs and the software that runs them weren't so fundamentally appealing to consumers it wouldn't matter who was walking the floor- nothing would sell. Apple's sales approach is distinctly hands-off anyway. If this is how Microsoft hopes to copy Apple's success, they are approaching it completely backwards. Besides, Apple's managerial staff typically comes straight from places like the GAP, Target, and other large corporate retailers. Microsoft would have better luck looking at similar places.

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