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Comment Re:How many threads like this? (Score 1) 334

Whatever you do... Dont get the buffalo WZR-HP-AG300h I have an older WHR-HP54S which ball all accounts is the best router they ever made. I can say that the AG300h is very flaky and technical support will pretty much tell you that they "wait" for updates and have no resolution to the problems people report except to send another router.

Comment Wireless security doesnt matter (Score 1) 496

All of you tout security when over half of you have or have had spyware and viruses on your windoze machines. The only thing that your neighbor cares about with your WIFI is if he/she can get online when they didn.t pay their bill or their Internet is down. ok? Oh and two of you want to search your neighbors hard drive for naughty pictures of the chick that lives there.

Comment Re:mac != unix (Score 1) 699

This argument is moot. OS X is clearly UNIX based. Clearly. Whether it is like your preferred variant modern or old seems to be the constant argument. Here is Apples UNIX "marketing" As for Linux not being certified UNIX 03. UNIX 03 and POSIX standards are used as standards for commercial platforms to simplify compatibility.

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