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Comment Re:Administration (Score 1) 753

I see idiocy like this is rampant in the USA. You obviously didn't grow up, or live in California (Los Angeles), which is suppose to be the model state for pervasive government.

  • Taking a trip on the 405 without blowing a tire, fucking up your suspension, or hitting some chunk of debris. Nearly all funds destined to road construction is diverted to some other program.
  • Sending your kid to an LAUSD school without having to fear for their life.
  • Sending your kid to an LAUSD school where imbecilic, incompetent teachers cannot get fired.
  • Getting treated at an emergency room without having to wait for over an hour, in pain (with a broken knee cap in my case), while ten illegal aliens are treated for the flu.
  • Getting anything done in a timely manner at the DMV--or any other state government office, for that matter.

I can go on and on... And this has been going on and on, for years now...

The California government has doubled in size in the last 5 years and I have yet to see an improvement in anything associated with my life--aside from spending more at the store, the gas station, car registration or having to cough up more tax to the FTB. We are now one of the highest taxed states in the USA due to the past unrestrained spending foolishness and fiscal irresponsibility. Additionally, we are also leading the way on unemployment--of which mostly non-state workers are affect, mind you. Since it is obvious that government has proven to be completely incompetent, requiring tax increases, promising to print insane amounts of "stimulus," and allowing the economic crisis to affect our future, I see mostly a *positive* outcome.

Positive, because people like you will realize they are wrong...

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