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Comment Re:They could disable the majority of botnets (Score 1) 94

Btw you don't have to completely "root" the system to be part of a botnet, but it helps, at least if you want your bot to keep running when the user reboots (though it could easily add itself to ~/.bash_profile to restart next time the user logs back in)

Or even just add a @reboot entry to that user's crontab, for execution post-boot.

Comment Re:Hackers, obviously... (Score 1) 1200

If you want to make fun of something, how about the fact that they NEVER made a Pentium Pro laptop.

Never say never! "PGI’s Condor Applique+ is a rugged, dual 200-MHz Pentium Pro notebook with 64M of RAM, expandable to 512M, and a 2.4G hard drive, in a removable, shock-resistant cartridge.The Condor has a detachable keyboard and a 10.4- or 12.1-inch touch-screen display that can be viewed in full sunlight." c/o http://gcn.com/articles/1998/08/31/army-finishes-tests-on-two-combat-notebooks.aspx

Comment Re:There were some damn fine games in that era... (Score 1) 274

Actually Windows 7 wont work with MOST OpenGL games either. I tried running a couple of OSS games that used OpenGL on a really outdated Geforce 9800GT and a quad core i5 and it failed to run outside of software render mode.

Granted BZFlag is a super high end game that makes Crysys look like Wolfenstine 3d (That everyone is sarcasim)

BZFlag works just fine here in OpenGL mode on Win 7 Ult x64 (w/ 8800GT and v258.96 drivers).

If you are into gaming, dont use Windows 7 64 bit. It's incompatible as hell.

Every single modern game I've tried has worked perfectly well on 7 x64, /shrug.

Comment Re:Does he know something nobody else knows? (Score 1) 329

Perhaps you're confusing NetBSD with FreeBSD ?

To quote, "Interestingly, our advanced ONTAP GX architecture is built on top of a full UNIX release. We took Data ONTAP, including WAFL and RAID, combined it with the new code from our Spinnaker acquisition, and hosted the combined result on FreeBSD in a combination of user processes and kernel modules. For security and simplicity we have disabled and hidden many parts of FreeBSD." : http://blogs.netapp.com/dave/2007/04/is_data_ontap_b.html

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