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Comment Re:wow (Score 0) 103

Not a good comparison. Even in a 4 year old Android device that is stuck on KitKat, it still receives updates for Gmail, Google Play Services, play store, etc. Much of the operating system is modular, and continues to receive automatic updates from Google. On iOS, everything is packaged into a single iOS update.

Comment Re:Can you spell Theranos? (Score 1) 86

Energy credits are a government subsidy to support electric car producers, but it's hardly a unique situation. The government subsidizes everything from corn production to aeronautics. If you are arguing that the solar power industry would not be profitable without government subsidies, than you'd have to ask yourself if the same would be true without all the government spending on stabilizing world oil supplies.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 251

The reports of 'exploding' (more like incendiary) Note 7's starting popping up days after its release. It was a small fraction of phones, but there is no evidence to say that affected phones would burst into flames within the first couple of weeks, or never at all. More likely, it's a situation that Note 7's have an x% chance of bursting into flames on any given charge cycle, and given enough time, the chance of any given Note 7 having a flame-out over its life would approach 100%.

Comment Re:Like suing McDonald's for hot coffee (Score 3, Interesting) 102

Oft quoted, but done so inaccurately. The McDonald's coffee lawsuit was not simply because the coffee was hot and spilled out of the cup. It's that it was so hot that it delaminated the bottom of the coffee cup, causing the bottom to fall off and the coffee to fall out. If your hot beverage cup is not capable of holding the hot beverage, negligence is a reasonable claim.

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