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Comment Re:What about the truck? (Score 3, Interesting) 623

Autopilot could see through the under-carriage of the semi. It's programmed to ignore obstacles it considers over the top of car so that it doesn't stop at every overpass and road sign. Also, the trailer was gray in color, which matched the color of the sky at the time.

Comment Re:How long will it last though? (Score 2) 168

What is 'staying power'? In this context, I don't think it implies that 10 years down the line this game will still be playing this game. But it will certainly still be popular in a few months or even a few years. It's up to Nintendo (and what the markets are betting on) to capitalize on this success and turn it into a resurgence of everything Pokemon (trading cards, stuffed animals, TV show, and follow-up games)

Comment Re:I don't buy it (Score 1) 365

The gear selector was not designed by some dudes 100 years ago. The automatic transmission is much newer, and there were many iterative designs through the years which ultimately landed in the familiar P-RNDL console mounted selector that you think has always existed. The design converged on this because manufacturers repeatedly took the best elements of a design and moved it forward. The same reason why all cars have round steering wheels, column mounted switches, and gas tank fillers on the right or left rear quarter panel.

Comment Re:The shifter is always in the same position (Score 1) 365

Should we require manual chokes and timing advance, as well? The transmission is just one more thing in an automobile that used to require manual operation but through technology, the function has been automated. The only difference between it and other items is that many people (myself included) feel that the act of rowing your own gears is part of the driving pleasure, so the option do so has remained. But the requirement for a multi ratio transmission is only a necessity of the nature of an internal combustion engine and it's torque curve.

Comment Re: The shifter is always in the same position (Score 1) 365

MT don't force you to use the parking brake. I've met a few drivers of MT's from flat states that never used the parking brake. And with a manual transmission, you are more engaged in the driving experience. It has become such an 'automatic' activity for me, it requires little more thought than breathing.

Comment Re:Over the MPAA's dead body (Score 2) 83

...which I have no problem with on a subscription service. I am paying a low fee for the temporary ability to view a large catalog on-demand. I don't have an issue with DRM in this case, except when it interferes with my ability to watch such as with data caps, or when I'm on a poor/no network area (airplane). This addresses those issues. Where I don't accept the DRM is when I 'buy' a digital copy of a movie. If I am dependent on the distributor to affirm my privilege to watch the movie in a month, year, 20 years, etc, then I don't own it.

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