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Submission + - Iron Maiden Tracks Down Pirates. And Gives Them Concerts (

be99 writes: For more than a decade piracy has been a hot topic in the music industry. While some of the major labels have tried to eliminate the problem by taking pirates to court, English heavy metal band Iron Maiden has taken a more positive approach to the phenomenon. Instead of hunting down pirates for lawsuits, the band is using file-sharing data to plan their tour locations, and not without success.

Submission + - Help Build the smithsonian of pinball! (

An anonymous reader writes: The Pacific Pinball Museum, founded ten years ago, is a 501c3 non profit dedicated to preserving the art, science and history of pinball. The museum currently has 90 games set to free play for one admission price. Our museum is educational, interactive and fun.

It is also free! If you don't want to play you can visit our museum for free and learn all about pinball. We are serously passionate about our mission.

We intend to see pinball preserved for future generations to learn from and play! Your contribution can help us ensure everyone still gets to play these original American masterpieces. You can help us get more than 1500 historic games to see the light of day again in a new, larger location — potentially the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

Comment just need an IP enabled boxing glove or taser(tm) (Score 1) 278

Just need a remote controlled boxing glove (ala jackass 2) or a modified shock collar. When someone goes somewhere they don't need to go, they either get hit or shocked. problem solved. Set up a website, charge other people a fee to "press the button" and you've just covered your costs with little to no personnel and it'll run itself, so you can do a good service AND still play WoW. (or my soon to be downfall, quakelive.). anyone who does this company, I want 1% of profits so I can retire.

Spyware In BlackBerry Updates For Users in the UAE 116

mulaz writes with this excerpt from The Register: "An update pushed out to BlackBerry users on the Etisalat network in the United Arab Emirates appears to contain remotely-triggered spyware that allows the interception of messages and emails, as well as crippling battery life. Sent out as a WAP Push message, the update installs a Java file that one curious customer decided to take a closer look at, only to discover an application intended to intercept both email and text messages, sending a copy to an Etisalat server without the user being aware of anything beyond a slightly excessive battery drain."

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