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Comment Nice was first, not Paris (Score 1) 136

It would be nice if the title could be fixed. Maybe something like "Paris gets the first electric car share program national media actually talks about" ?

Nice (on the riviera) has had such a system since march 2010, and it has been quite well received. You can read more here: (google translate, people).

It is a very common issue in france that something is actually talked about only when it happens in Paris. We had the same with shared bikes, that were implemented in paris only 2-3 years ago, while a few cities had had one for years already (Lyon, Barcelona, etc).

Comment Linux NAS + Symlinks (Score 1) 361

I ended up in the same situation you did: multiple hard drives, that happened to all be internal ones, not plugged, which I used by means of an IDE/SATA => USB adapter. One day I got bored with it: plugging disks in/out whenever I needed an old file was a pain in the ass, and I decided to create a NAS out of all of these, without changing the storage format.
I mounted all (8) of 'em in a linux box, and aggregated their contents to the system disk, in a /media/aggregateshares/ folder, linking the individual files/folders using very simple symlinks. I've made management a bit easier using a simple web interface that does it automatically for me, and it has been running for more than 6 month now.
What makes this solution quite nice is that I can very easily add/remove disks, and that they don't have to match at all in terms of size/organization. The main drawback is data safety, as there is absolutely none. Live on the edge...

Comment Re:Stop the math, you're wrong (Score 1) 376

2) Every other ISP in France offer a free bandwidth sharing for the people within the same ISP circle. I.e. say i'm a ISP A client, i can connect to wifi hotspots everywhere ISP A has a client with a box up and running. Point is : who is to know it was me or somebody in the street using my internet access ? (but maybe this is biaised and ISP have a mean to know)

my .2 french cents of euro

If somebody uses your internets to download copyrighted material, YOU are blamed, not the hacker / friend / child of yours. The connection's owner is the one who's blamed for not securing their internets. That's the beauty. Oh, it is also interesting to know that the email / mail you will get will never mention what files you are accused of having downloaded. It's a bit like automatic speeding radars, but you don't know how fast you were going.

Comment Not 10K a day yet (Score 2, Informative) 376

This article deserves some more details.

TMG, the company tracking P2P downloaders, has so far requested the identification of 800 IP addresses, not 10K yet. You should be amused to know that one of our ISPs has sent the names by fax on a piece of paper, since they have no obligation to send an electronic version.

On a global scale, things aren't as bright as the government says. What is actually condemned by HADOPI isn't downloading copyrighted material; the process they were looking wasn't accepted with such an approach. Instead, they will condemn the lack of security on people's internet connections. Of course, no proper way to secure your internet access exists yet, but a call for offer has been published month ago, asking for software projects. These security apps will basically monitor "illegal" downloads, and keep them in a secure logfile the user shouldn't be able to temper with. We are still waiting.

About the identification process cost, it has been decided that nobody would pay for it. Except us customers of course. The cost for such an ID is evaluated to 7 to 10 euros.

This whole thing basically is a very, very big mess, and most of us think that this can't really work, and that the ultimate goal is to implement DPI at ISP level in order to completely block illegal downloads.

Comment It has never been about videos (Score 1) 595

It comes as a surprise to me that some would conclude apple doesn't want flash because of videos... It doesn't happen much, but flash & videos is one of the few areas where I agree on the long term: flash has brought us http video streaming, but it has now been accepted as a mandatory feature, and HTML5 will make it available without flash, and will let us benefit from HW decoding. Flash for videos is dying, imho.

Now, as many have said, it is about apps and games. It is very easy to implement any kind of app or game using flash, and there are tons of skill developers around. If flash was available on iPhone, it would just mean less iBucks for apple, and that is not gonna happen.

Comment Good luck (Score 1) 410

Well, I wish you guys good luck with this.

We have done our best in EU to fight against france three-strikes law, but it ended up voted anyway, despite a VERY strong opposition. We are now waiting to see how it will be applied, since nothing concrete was published yet, except a few names and theories...

Our best hopes is that internet users have always been one step ahead of control powers, and this will end up a technical joke. But on the other hand, our worst fear is that another law voted a few days ago also allows for network filtering, officially against terrorism and child pornography, but isn't closed to any other reason. And we all know that fighting file sharing is at least as important (financially) as fighting terrorism...


Eight PHP IDEs Compared 206

snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Rick Grehen provides an in-depth comparative review of eight PHP IDEs: ActiveState's Komodo IDE, CodeLobster PHP Edition, Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT), MPSoftware's phpDesigner, NetBeans IDE for PHP, NuSphere's PhpED, WaterProof's PHPEdit, and Zend Studio. 'All of these PHP toolkits offer strong support for the other languages and environments (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL database) that a PHP developer encounters. The key differences we discovered were in the tools they provide (HTML inspector, SQL management system) for various tasks, the quality of their documentation, and general ease-of-use,' Grehen writes.'"

Comment Re:Make sense (Score 1) 254

As I think I've said earlier or later in these comments, I also do not agree to the current copyright laws. Ever since it has been possible to copy music to tapes, the absurdity has been visible. This can not be assimilated to counterfeit, as quality and product ARE equivalent to the copied one, unlike manufacted goods.

But what the majority wants still isn't reason enough to allow any kind of behaviour. Let's face the truth, what the majority wants is very commonly driven by selfish motives (like speed limits).

We do need copyrights of some kind, as everyone should be rewarded when his work is used in any way. But we also do consume so much more medias than we used to, and this volume doesn't imply more work from artists than it used to. A few years ago, having thousands of hours worth of music in your pocket or backpack was... hardly imaginable (or would have required a bloody large pocket). Global fundings of different types have been proposed many times, but were systematically rejected by the right wing, who argued it wouldn't be fair, and we couldn't measure in a realistic and effective way who should get what, and that those who don't use digital media would pay for nothing. Which is exactly what is happening these days for TV here, as you pay a yearly contribution (100 bucks or so) as soon as you own a TV set.

But I refuse to place books on the same level as that. Maybe I'm more attached to the book physical object than I am to CDs or DVDs.

Whatever happens, we can't just say "screw copyright, I'll read/listen/watch for free whatever I want". It does not work that way. When you do believe in proper democracy _ which would be the one you described, people driven, you try to change things, not decide how it should work and establish your private law. For instance, create a legal music streaming website that demonstrates how advertising alone can help provide everyone with a fair way of listening to music without spending fortunes while paying a fair amount to the artists (artists or majors, this still has to be changed, but at least it's getting better).

Comment Re:Really impressive (Score 1) 254

Thank you for that, this was really insightful.

It is a fact that our system doesn't really promote usage of foreign languages. I do work with an international company, and have mostly worked with french customers/partners. The simple fact of providing training materials in english is often badly accepted. But it seems to be getting better.

One of the reasons why most french people's english is at best mediocre is that you can perfectly live your whole life without having to speak or maybe even read a simple word of english. We get all movies & tv shows dubbed, books translated. Even foreign words / sentences in TV ads are required by law to be translated. But this is slowly changing. Our educational system is slowly being changed to introduce language courses for young kids, our since earlier this year, a dozen TV channel offer the option to watch movies & tv shows in subtitled original version.

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