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Comment Re:It's too bad (Score 1) 933

I'll miss some aspects of OS X, but it'll be a relief to get back to a proper window manager with usable virtual desktops, focus-follows-mouse, etc., and a machine which doesn't hide so much of its operation from me.

The excursion into OS X land was pleasant, but it won't bother me in the slightest to go back.


I bought my MacBook Pro because i listened to people telling me "It's finally a Unix with a usable GUI". But apart from other problems (e.g. constant beach balling), i couldn't get myself accustomed to the OSX desktop. Window handling, Window resizing, absolutely fucked up German keyboard layout etc.

I'm back to Linux on my Dell V131, the MacBook was degraded to surfing on the couch.

Comment Re:It's too bad (Score 1) 933

You might want to keep an eye on compatibility here:

Personally, paying the extra cost for anything Mac and then not running the OS custom tailored to the hardware would not cross my mind. Well, not again, not after my failed experiments with my late 2009 MacBook Pro.

Comment Re:Bias (Score 1) 619

I live in a two story house with seven parties. Indoors GPS should not work, so location
services are probably only good enough to mark the house (my Android tells me: Accurate
to 30 meters). I, for one, would be thankful if the police would refrain from searching all seven
flats, just because some random dude claims his iPad is somewhere in this

Not that the police wouldn't search my home if they were told i was downloading music illegally
from the internet...

Comment Meanwhile, in Germany Re:IN YOUR FACE GERMANY !! (Score 2) 596

Germany exports electricity to France, which despite its 58 nuclear reactors cannot satisfy the needs of its citizens. Who need extra power because they mostly heat their home with electric heaters.


Comment Re:SD limitations according to Microsoft KB2450831 (Score 1, Redundant) 426

Mod parent up.

According to the article, you would not only lose the contents on the SD card, but on the phone itself, as Microsoft apparently formats phone memory and SD memory as one single file system. If you replace the card, the filesystem is corrupted.

"Permanent modification" in TFA could well mean "removal of the FAT filesystem", which for many people would seem quite permanent :)

Comment Re:Modern? No, they are "movie monitors" (Score 1) 189

When i said "modern" i ment it in the sense of "not used". So maybe "new" or "recent" would have been a better choice. I never said i liked that trend of trading vertical screen estate for horizontal, i'd rather have 4:3 monitors myself (don't even get me started on 16:9 notebook displays).

But _if_ you buy a _newly_built_ display today, chances are high it's 16:9. And Tree Style Tab lets me use that space more efficiently.

Comment Re:Sidebars need a wider screen (Score 1) 189

Some people such as myself have an old 1024x768px monitor

Yeah, some people. Other people who buy a modern monitor have few other options that getting 16:9 or 16:10 displays. With one of these, you're more than happy about Tree Style Tabs. In fact, I am even worried no such extension will be available for Firefox 4 when tabs are move to the window bar.

or a netbook with a 1024x600px monitor, and more and more web sites are designed to run maximized across the entire width of such a monitor.

Yes, for the small display of my netbook i do not use Tree Style Tabs, but here i have seldom more than four tabs open at the same time.

Comment No, the real question is: (Score 1) 103

... why?

There is a group in the German captial that want's a TLD .berlin. I always wondered, what they would do with it. If i want to find Berlin's website now, i'd try or What would the future web address be? How can i be sure i end up in my capital and not in Berlin, TX (i'm pretty sure there is one :-)

This just deepens our dependence on search engines.

Comment Re:No duh (Score 2, Insightful) 350

These pictures are taken from, a magazine (won't call it newspaper here), comparable to the SUN. Source: (sorry, German only).

Basically, they've taken pictures from a CD of various images, among them "50 images of a naked woman", inverted them and added some images of weapons.

Totally false and no true representation of actual images, these should not be used for arguing against nudie-scanners.

Comment Re:More banning needed (Score 1) 277

I'll be importing or buying it from Steam anyway, but I wonder if there will be any official Australian servers, might have to make do with New Zealand ones.

Good luck with that. When i bought Half-Life 2 Episode 2 last year, i downloaded from Steam and only got the cut German version, where zombified people neither burn nor are cut in half, but disappear as soon as they are eliminated.

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