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Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 583

California. I would pay the deductible, usually a few thousand at most, and insurance would pay the rest up the covered liability amount of the policy. I'm sure there are subtleties in how it works that I don't understand. But if I caused $200k in damage, and I had to pay $100k, then the insurance wouldn't be doing me much good - I couldn't pay either one.

Comment Re:Quality, Too (Score 1) 287

Why again are we buying Dell?

IMHO you buy Dell for the support that is available (albeit usually at additional cost) along with them. If you're not going to maintain your service contracts, then I agree Dell may not offer you a lot of value over Supermicro et al.

On a side note, I think the R310 is about the cheapest server they make, so it wouldn't be fair to judge the company based on those alone.

Comment Re: Movie (Score 1) 295

Me too, and I don't think it's fair to say Lumpy is full of shit. I don't think the lights are any more blinding than any other lights. IMO they're not blinding relative to other HID's and even some halogens. (How can they be so blinding if they don't shine in anyone's eyes or mirrors?) They are bright, but I would say less so than other HID's, and the point was that they were "blinding." I don't see how they are.

Comment Re: Movie (Score 1) 295

4 bags of cement won't fit in the trunk of an S2000! But more seriously, even if they did (I doubt it!) it wouldn't point the nose if the car up noticeably because the suspension is so stiff and the car is small. Not that I disagree with your general point, but there are much better cars to pick on for this - like the HID's on the short wheelbase SUV towing a trailer!

Comment Re:Movie (Score 2) 295

No bullshit. What Lumpy posted is fact. S2000's have projector lenses that only shine down, not up, with a very visible cutoff. And they're only about 18" off the pavement, so they're not shining in anyone's mirrors or eyes. If yours don't put a visible horizontal line of light on the road, and they shine upwards, then they're not right.

Comment Re:Employers would fire for this too! (Score 1) 1010

An employer I had a few years ago stated that any electrical device plugged in at work premises would be "theft" and you would be fired and charges pressed against you. No cell phone recharging, no lamp, no fan, nothing that plugged in. You plug it in and they catch you = lose your job and get arrested. Seen the Operations Manager have security pull someone from their desk and walk them out the door for plugging in a cell phone and then putting it in a desk drawer to try to hide it.

And from what you're saying, it sounds like you really liked working there. That operations manager must have been a great guy. Great working environment. Mutual respect all around! So let's make the whole world work that way.

Comment Re:Not money, precedent. (Score 1) 1010

Exactly. If you let people get away with it, they will just plug into the same outlet every day. Over an entire year, the amount would add up. It's like saying why ticket somebody for double parking?

Partly because anyone familiar with the norms of our society expects to get a ticket for double parking. Nobody familiar with the norms of our society expects to get arrested for charging their EV.

A single occurrence probably doesn't cause much problems, but if everybody did it, the streets would be completely jammed, and people would be blocked in all the time.

And, if everyone plugged in their EV to power outlets in public places, then... well, nothing of much consequence would happen.

Not to mention that the punishment is completely out of proportion with the crime! Basically, you're saying it's ok if they randomly picked this guy to make an example out of?

Comment Re:Before we get a OMG about this (Score 1) 1010

Sure, but only for an hour or so per day. And you have to come to wherever my car happens to be at the time. And if someone else is taking their 10 cents worth when you get there, you have to come back later.

As an aside, if you were to steal 10c worth of my of gas, assuming hypothetically it was possible to prove you only intended to steal 10c worth, not the whole tank, and that it were possible for you to do so without causing any other damage like breaking into the gas door, do you think the police would go out of their way to throw you in jail for this 10c theft? Even if I didn't report it or care, and they just happened to notice?

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