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Comment Re:Aion will Flop (Score 1) 256

Rewind 10 years, people were saying the same thing as that about EverQuest. Noting lasts forever, one day WOW will be too outdated and they will have to bring out WOW2, and then there will be a chance for some pretender to step in and snatch the crown, just as WOW did when Everquest finally went stale and EQ2 failed to step up to the plate.

Comment Re:What stupidity. (Score 1) 398

We do have word that refers to all animals except humans: beasts.

However just like when they say animals, people usually use it to just refer to 4-legged animals, I've never heard anyone refer to a pigeon or a goldfish as a beast, even though they could.

Comment Re:Um (Score -1, Flamebait) 334

if its a fucking blank disk tho it's fucking annoying. its like I go into nero, add all my files n it asks for the disk, i insert it and i'm just chilling, no worries, then suddenly up pops the auto run dialogue asking me what i want to do with this disk. STFU! it's bloody blank you dumb fucking piece of shit! I then STAB MY WIFE IN THE FACE. And now I'm divorced and in jail, all because of windows Auto-Run.


Comment german censorship = fail (Score 1) 518

What European nation is that already has the most strict rules on censoring violent games? Where the blood has to be green or the enemies have to really be robots and in command and conquer the suicide bombers were all changed to a cartoon bomb on a tea trolley? Now remembering that answer, what European nation has been in the news most for school shootings?

Oh dear! can someone say logic fail!

Isn't the common factor between all these school shootings actually that the kids parents had multiple guns in their house that the kids could get hold of easier than the cookie jar?

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