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Comment Re:Really.. (Score 1) 209

Dell charges $350 to go from HD to 4K on the same configuration so $600 for 6K isn't really that out of line. But another item you neglected to mention is that the SB comes with GTX 965M with 2GB dedicated graphics vs the MBP coming with Intel Iris Graphics 540 with shared memory. The GTX benchmarks are over twice the Iris.

I am not at all saying that the MBP is a bad machine, if it works for you great! But you just can't compare the MBP directly to a SB, they have completely different features.

Comment Re:Really.. (Score 1) 209

Then buy the MBP. If you are not planning on doing any drawing or you do and already have a Wacom to attach to the MBP then obviously the Surface is not for you.

Just don't pretend that you are comparing two similar machines to show an Apple price advantage because they are not at all similar. The 50% screen resolution difference alone justifies the difference in price.

Comment Re:Really.. (Score 1) 209

In most cases I would agree but the Surface is not just touch sensitive it has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. There are professional artists who actually use it for production work.

On top of that the screen has 50% more resolution packed in... 6 MP vs 4 MP, so again you are really comparing an Apple to an Orange.

Comment Re:Hasn't replaced my lockscreen (Score 2) 249

No it actually comes baked into ES. If you accidentally tap the prominent "Charging Boost ... ENABLE" box which takes up the lower third of the ES screen it gets enabled without going to Google Play at all. And then there is no way to disable it from ES or manage application... you have to put the phone on a charger and trigger the app, then choose the gear icon in the upper right to change the app setting to off.

Comment Re: Preloaded Crapware? (Score 1) 148

Really, I don't understand the hate Hangouts keeps receiving...

Hangouts is horrible at keeping chats synchronized. I will sometimes find messages sitting in the Chats folder in gmail that I never saw on my phone and as a result never responded to.

Having SMS in Hangouts is kind of nice, except that it is just window dressing since you can't see those messages on any other Hangout instance other than on that one device.

Also since Hangouts relies upon your network connection it is pretty unreliable as an "instant" messaging system. I find that I can get someone's attention much more quickly via SMS than a Hangout message, which in some cases have taken hours to deliver.

Comment Re:That kinda sucks (Score 1) 172

My Sony library still exists - inaccessible - on my hard-drive, thanks to their !@#$ DRM insanity.

You should have received an email from Sony earlier this year which included a link to transfer your library over to Kobo. About 95% of my library transferred and is now accessible from Kobo readers and apps.

Comment Re:NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (Score 1) 427

The Nighthawk is about the fastest router you can get bar none... when it is working. Over the last six months I have had no end to troubles with unstable wireless connections, the wireless going away completely, LAN devices being unable to talk to wireless devices, and outright router reboots on the stock firmware. It has been getting better but still just not there. I tried DD-WRT for about a month and it is better, but the wireless connections are still unstable. Currently back on my old ASUS RT-N56U... not as fast but connections are rock solid.

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