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Comment Re:The Contempt for the Engineer (Score 2) 494

Quite right. I fight battles of this sort weekly. Top researchers and domain managers believe their systems are built by "programmers" and that the key to their success is to have enough "good" programmers. These researchers/managers are far from stupid, but there's a huge void in their understanding of what it takes to put up real systems. We *need* an epic fail like this to start conversations that enable intelligent people to glimpse and appreciate good development processes and personnel stacks ... and the consequences of benign and willful neglect. We'll have more of these fails until all of this starts to sink in.

Comment Start with the threat model ... (Score 1) 257

Seriously ... what are you trying to protect? Who are you trying to protect it from? And how much is it worth for them to crack it?

More likely, you're trying to make sure the important information is available to a competent executor, and if it's not immediately available, it's in a form the executor can get it indirectly. You can assume the availability of friendly experts (including lawyers and application users), even if for a price.

If you're worried about someone digging up your treasure and walking away with it, don't ... except for Bill Gates (who has plenty of advisors for this) ... you're not special. None of us are.

Here are the steps I follow:
1) Have a competent legal firm draw up estate documents and leave custody of the documents with them ... make sure everyone knows which firm you chose.
2) Have a copy of the documents in the hands of the executor and family members. You can seal them, but make sure you have an executor who knows how to open and close accounts, pay bills, understand stock dividends, selling houses and cars, can talk to lawyers, and can get expert help when he/she needs it.
3) Get a program like WillMaker to help you document your assets and wishes (even if you use a lawyer to draw up the real documents).
4) As a matter of hygiene, don't be switching your money between custodians and accounts very often ... it's harder for someone new to find it all, even given the few years it will take to clean up your estate.

And do all of the above every few years as circumstances change.

Stability and predictability are your friends.

Comment Time Warner in San Diego (Score 1) 396

Of course, it depends on where you're pinging ... ... here's what I have on a residential line in San Diego ... to Los Angeles: 12ms ... to Yahoo: 57ms ... to London: 164ms ... to 65ms If I had 200ms, I would assume something was wrong ... bad wiring, interference, or a congested/broken switch enroute. Try tracert to find out where the delay is.

Comment Dangerous at any speed?? (Score 1) 938

This is wise ... the brain cannot serve two masters, and it's clear that people are making the wrong choices far too often. However, that said, there are many kinds of driving scenarios: crowded parking lots, residential streets, freeway ingress/egress, crowded expressways, and long expressway spans. They all call for different kinds of attention, and long expressway driving really can tolerate split attention. So, what are we really talking about, and what's the best way to avoid danger? How about criminalizing various kinds of distracted driving ... like a DUI? How about making this a state-by-state decision ... why do the feds need to be involved? ... all states do not have the same driving scenarios or sensibilities.
Input Devices

Best Mouse For Programming? 569

LosManos writes "Which is the best programming mouse? Mandatory musts are wireless, and that it doesn't clog up like old mechanical mice. Present personal preferences are for: lots of buttons, since if I have moved my hand away from the keyboard I can at least do something more than move the pointer; sturdy feeling; not too light, so it doesn't move around by me accidentally looking at it." What would you recommend?

The Ultimate "Doll House" For WoW Players 44

BoyIHateMicrosoft! writes "A friend of mine sent me this link today about a group of MIT students who have created something called a WoWPod. It's like a playhouse for WoW players. It has everything from Refreshing Spring Water, to food (Like Crunchy Spider Surprise of course!) to a toilet and of course the appropriate gaming gear."

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