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Submission + - Gov't Requests for Google-User Data Doubled Since 2009 (

AZA43 writes: Google released its latest transparency report, and according to the numbers, governments across the world are asking for twice as much user data as they were just four years ago. The U.S. government is asking for more than three times as much data, and it won't disclose specific information on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) requests, despite ongoing pressure from Google to do so.

Submission + - Use Cases Overtaking Google Glass Gimmick? (

itwbennett writes: Despite some backlash against Google's hands-free wearable computing device, the use cases for such technology are mounting. Mobile device management (MDM) specialist Fiberlink, for example, is betting big on 'wearable tech being used and proliferating in the post-PC era,' says Jim Szafranski, senior vice president of Customer Platform Services. 'Even though we're in the beginning days, we've got a lot of field applications that our customers are interested in,' he says. 'Right now, we've got guys climbing telephone poles holding tablets.'

Submission + - IRS Cybersecurity Loopholes Lead to ID Theft (

bdcny7927 writes: For the sixth year in a row the Internal Revenue Service failed to resolve known cybersecurity issues. IRS did not install critical software fixes, let unauthorized people access accounting programs, didn't perform background checks on new hires and failed to ensure that contractors had received proper security training.

Submission + - 5 Hot Tech Policy Agenda Items You Need to Watch (

bdcny7927 writes: From providing more spectrum space for wireless providers to battling online piracy to creating cybersecurity policy to protecting intellectual property, expect things to heat up in Washington this year. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and read on to learn how lawmakers will impact the tech world in the year ahead.

Submission + - FBI Warns Hacktivists: You're Breaking the Law (

bdcny7927 writes: In an exclusive interview with, the FBI official in charge of cybercrime speaks for the first time with the media specifically about hacktivism. Here, Assistant Executive Director Shawn Henry describes the threats hacktivists pose, the challenges associated with investigating them, and the FBI's success disrupting these groups. He also delivers a special message to hacktivists.

Submission + - Why Law Enforcement Can't Stop Hackers (

bdcny7927 writes: The threat that criminal hackers pose to corporate and government information systems has spiked in the past five years, according to the FBI, and shows no signs of abating. The worst part: Law enforcement is virtually powerless in cracking down on cybercrime. investigates the challenges law enforcement officials face in investigating and prosecuting hackers.

Submission + - The IT Jobs Cloud Computing Will Create (

bdcny7927 writes: Conventional wisdom maintains that cloud computing will eliminate scores of IT jobs.'s Bernard Golden explains why that argument is flawed and describes the many IT jobs that will flourish in the age of cloud computing.

Submission + - Cloud Computing: 3 Tips for Overcoming Implementat (

bdcny7927 writes: The ever-growing number of cloud computing providers, combined with the pressure to select just the right service to prevent catastrophic IT and career failure, prevents many CIOs from moving forward with their cloud computing plans. blogger and cloud computing expert Bernard Golden explains how IT leaders can keep their cloud plans moving forward.

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