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Comment Re:Americans expect to be overfed (Score 1) 102

I think this is due to the customer's perceived value of the meal and economies of scale (the incremental cost of putting more food on the plate diminishes as more is put on). People may be more likely to eat at your restaurant if they perceive you offer a better value than competitors (assuming that quality of food is the same). Example of the economies of scale can be found in the Cheeburger Cheeburger menu (Sanibel Island, FL location): The one pound burger is $12.49 ($0.78 per oz), while the half-pound burger is $8.19 ($1.02 per oz). Assuming these are menu options from two different restaurants (Restaurant A serves the one pounder, while Restaurant B servers the half-pounder), which do you think will be perceived as the better value? Some customers would take advantage of this by splitting the one pounder at Restaurant A instead of ordering two half-pounders from Restaurant B. And some restaurants counteract this by charging to share plates.

Comment Re:Doesn't support *all* ICS devices... (Score 1) 142

I'm late to the party with this, but I think the reason it won't work on your Droid X is because you aren't running full ICS, and Chrome for Android requires the hardware acceleration feature provided by ICS. Yes, you have an ICS ROM, but unfortunately, the boot loader on the DX is locked, so you're not running an ICS kernel (and able to take advantage of the hardware acceleration feature). And that locked boot loader is why my next phone will be a Nexus.

Comment Re:That's ironic or absurd (Score 1) 1239

After all, if the ratings agencies had done their jobs a few years ago, we wouldn't be in a lot of this mess.

Agreed. I wonder if the agencies may be doing a little grandstading, in an attempt to make it seem like they know what they're doing. (Though, considering the dysfunctionality of Congress during the debt ceiling fiasco, the downgrade may not be totally inappropriate.)

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