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Journal Journal: Application-Centricity followup

It's been a while since I submitted my application-centricity article, but I thought I'd post a followup for the curious. The very day after submitting the article, I stood up in front of the class and gave my presentation using Acrobat Reader (ironic, ain't it?). Nobody, not even the teacher, noticed the difference really, let alone did they care. I also got a 100%. This is a prime example of just how rediculous the situation is. Also, a few weeks ago, I wrote a persuasive essay for my English class. It describes the dependency of schools on proprietary software at length to the average person (albeit a bit recklessly; it isn't in strict Stallmanian nomenclature), and gives reasons why schools, among other organizations, should make a long-term grassroots effort to replace proprietary software with Free software. The essay is available upon request by email (don't want cheaters :-)). UPDATE: 4/5/04: Sorry, I lost the presentation PDF :-(

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