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Submission + - FreeBSD Foundation receives $1 million from Jan Koum (

bccomm writes: WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum has just donated a $1 million gift to the FreeBSD Foundation. From his Facebook page, "In a way, FreeBSD helped lift me out of poverty – one of the main reasons I got a job at Yahoo! is because they were using FreeBSD, and it was my operating system of choice. Years later, when Brian and I set out to build WhatsApp, we used FreeBSD to keep our servers running. We still do." The Foundation has announced, "This marks the largest single donation to the Foundation since its inception almost 15 years ago, and serves as another example of someone using FreeBSD to great success and then giving back to the community."

Bill of Rights for the Digital Age 164

diewlasing writes "Since we are living in a world where the need is growing for privacy measures and rights to use emerging technology, it seems to me that state governments should adopt a bill of rights regarding internet privacy, use of technology and speech on the internet. For example: make it illegal to allow ISPs to release personal information to anyone who wants it. Now, obviously, that's not the only issue. If you were asked by your state government to come up with a bill of rights for internet privacy, technology use, and free speech regarding the internet and emerging technologies, what would you include? Many things are covered (here in the US) under the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, but it seems to me that, these days, people with enough money can disregard this. Perhaps the states might find it a good idea to enshrine rights into law."

Comment Re:I am registering (Score 1) 213

Well, if it's actually backwards, it would probably be written in the local character set. Slashcode will probably munge these examples, but Semitic languages are notorious for traditionally transliterating everything (with the major exception of bibliography entries). This is probably because of the orientation of the text. If you look at a localized copy of any operating system, you will see just about everything reversed, including things like webbrowser arrows (Left pointing is forward, right pointing is backward---it just makes sense in context).

For instance:

بي  اس  دي = Bii Aas Dii == BSD

فری  بی  اس  دي = Frii Bii Aas Dii == FreeBSD

لينوكس = Liinuuks == Linux

ويندوز = Wiinduuz == Windows

دوج = Duudg = Dodge (automotive)
I've also seen one example ( -- Look at the logo) write its own name with  كوم. (dot kuum) at the end. Truth be told, I'm really in favor of this. As an L2 speaker of Arabic, having to code switch so often is just plain silly and actually far more confusing than we may joke about on here.

(And yes, slashcode strikes again, but I'm too lazy to go back and delete what I typed. I put it in codemode so you can see the escapes if your heart desires)

Submission + - Hans Risers Wife's Lover

WillRobinson writes: A former lover of the missing wife of Linux programmer and accused spouse killer Hans Reiser has confessed to killing eight people unrelated to the case, prosecutors informed the defense last week. More about this at The trial starts on Monday.

Submission + - Microsoft's HD Photo spec: Review at your own risk

PetManimal writes: "Microsoft is preparing to submit its HD Photo standard as a replacement for the JPEG standard. Microsoft claims the new HD Photo standard can potentially display higher-quality photos that take up just half the storage space of an equivalent JPEG image. Unfortunately, it's not easy to actually read the HD spec — Microsoft forces users to agree to a legal document before downloading the spec. The agreement states that users cannot duplicate any part of the spec and Microsoft can "commercialize your feedback"."

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