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Comment Re:Down to 95% of the world's arsenals! (Score 1) 413

"A 250 megaton warhead, will only destroy a modern office building at less than a kilometer."

Normally I don't do this, but you are full of crap. The largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, the "Tsar bomb", had a yield of about 50 megatons and a radius of total destruction of about 8 miles. Granted there might still be some of the foundation left with 250 megatons (not that anyone has such a weapon in their arsenal) at a half-mile but it will certainly be destroyed for all intents and purposes. A few thousand such weapons to destroy NYC? Utter bullshit, unless you mean to leave the whole area with a smooth finish.

Comment Re:Repeat after me: (Score 1) 266

Duh. I don't see anywhere where it was explicitly stated or even implied that TV watching directly causes asthma. Looking at what other possible risk factors coincide with excessive boob tube time may lead to being able to what the actual cause(s) is, whether it be lack of exercise, too sterile an environment, poor diet, etc.

Comment Re:Correlation (Score 1) 628

Two possibilities come to mind. As the authors of the study suggested, hearing voices and having hallucinations may induce stress within the subjects and cause them to drink more coffee, cola, etc, effectively reversing cause and effect. Another possiblity is that there is a third factor. The subjects were college students. There may be a correlation between high caffeine use and insufficent sleep which could explain the visual and aural hallucinations.

Comment Re:Prison System... (Score 1) 212

How many times on here have we heard that correlation != causation?

While 99.5% may have registered a religious affiliation, I wonder how many had actually attended a worhsip service or given their religious affiliation any consideration since the last time their moms forced them to go? I suspect there is a high correlation between atheism and eduction/socioeconomic status that is more likely to explain their underrepresentation in prison, getting STDs, etc.

Comment Re:How convenient (Score 1) 212

Actually if you read it all the way to the end:

However, "you knock one out, another one pops up the next day," Kohlmann said at the conference, so just taking down the sites is not an effective way to stop cyberterrorists and would-be accomplices from meeting via online forums.

He thinks the real way for law-enforcement officials to hamper cyberterrorists and would-be accomplices using these sites is to join them and cause confusion and mistrust among their ranks.

Comment Re:Extreme forceful asphyxiation (Score 1) 223

"I'd also like to point out that, on average, the skin has a surface area of 16.1 to 21.5 sq ft. At 14.5 psi (pounds per square inch, average atmospheric pressure) that's 233 to 312 pounds of force keeping you from exploding

And when you properly convert sq ft to square inches, you get an even more impressive 34-45 thousand pounds of force.

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