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Comment Re:What's the best low bandwidth way to send a msg (Score 2) 156

Even if you don't have a large following on Twitter, for things like this situation, there is almost always a hashtag for the protest in use. For Egypt, it was #jan25, so if you wanted to send a message about Egypt to as many people as possible, you send a message with #jan25 somewhere in it, and people would easily find it, and retweet it to their followers.

Abstractly, in a lot of ways a hashtag on Twitter is like an asynchronous equivalent to an IRC channel, in that you can search for it and get any messages from that tag at any time, and share them with your followers. Hope that helps.

Comment Re:Try minus the condescension (Score 2) 218

Beyond the fact there's a typo in my original quote, your statement hardly changes my point, and in fact reaffirms it. It makes perfect business sense to cancel services that the market is showing people do not need or want, and that's why said products would be cancelled. Beyond the fact that we're talking about free services, I'd hardly call Knol, Wave or even Gears "basic services".

When they cancel GMail arbitrarily, let me know. Until then, my argument remains valid.

Submission + - No Records of Secret BitTorrent Meeting (

coolstoryhansel writes: We thought it was bad when we heard that the Attorney-General was secretly meeting with the copyright lobby and ISPs, excluding political parties and civil society, to discuss a secret BitTorrent agreement. Now we hear that there were no minutes taken at the meeting.

So much for open government?


Submission + - Australia reviews tier-two software patents (

An anonymous reader writes: Australia may consider excluding software from its second-tier patent system to better align the system with those of trading partners like Japan and Korea. A Government review has raised concerns that it may be difficult to justify Australia's low requirements for software innovation patents. The public consultation period for the review closes on 14 October.

Comment Proprietary format. (Score 2) 332

I'm pretty sure it has very little to do with the patents and more to do with the same reason they used those awkward, little, inverse-reading GameCube discs: fear of homebrew and fear of sharing backups.

But as we know from both the GameCube and the Wii, it's only a matter of time before people work around those limitations.

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