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Comment Re:Crashplan free (Score 1) 154

I had thought about just asking one of my folks if i could hook up an old netbook and an external drive at their house and have it do my backups. Maybe I should do it. The software itself is just so easy and flexible.

Comment Crashplan free (Score 2) 154

I use crashplan's client and all my pcs backup to my home server. All my photos get backed up to a second disk that I keep off site. Their software works pretty flawlessly. I was going to use their cloud service but photo and video data would take months to seed.

Comment Yeah well, I try to lower my standards... (Score 1) 1201

I have been looking for a job in my field for a while. To some degree. I didn't help myself by getting a master of fine arts. I studied what I wanted, and I became a creative person and a damn good photographer. I freelance, but I really would like to do some commercial work. Trouble is, until I have that magic 5-8 years of experience, I am under-qualified for a lot of the jobs I see out there. On the other side of the coin, to pick up part time work that is more entry level, a lot of employers look at me like I'm nuts. Why would a guy with a master's want to work here? I wish an employer would look at my slight lack of experience as a chance to mold me into what they need. But whatever, it's all a waiting game, but I haven't had a steady salary or benefits for four years.

Comment I still sort of use mine (Score 1) 354

I have an aver NetBoot I got on clearance at target last year. I used it a lot Neil work got me an iPad. The NetBoot is not downstairs hooked up to a few USB drives happily receiving backups from my desktop and wife's computer and serving up music to my squeeze box. It's probably using a lot less power than the aging and full terastation it replaced. I had wanted to build a new NAS of some sort, but the NetBoot works fine, if not a little slow.

Comment Adobe (Score 1) 1880

I am a photographer, and I need to use what i am used to and what works.... I used a Mac for a while and osx is nice, but I can't justify buying a Mac pro when I can build a solid pc for so much less. I like to upgrade my hardware myself. Linux has been in the back of my mind, and I have tried it a various points, but for photo editing it is half baked. I know him exists and it's a decent app, but I like adobe, photoshop works extremely well and so does lightroom. All their apps play well together. I need editing software that can be color calibrated and supports my raw files... Maybe something like that exists in linux, but I have tried Ubuntu studio, which is supposed to be for editing and content creation and it is not as nice as working with windows or osx and adobe apps. I don't want to spend time hunting down apps and making stuff work. I want to be out shooting and marketing.

Comment Re:no, not really a sign at all (Score 1) 399

Kodak is dedicated to film for a while, they just realize that kodackrome's niche is pretty tiny. They did introduce Ektar, which is a pretty nice fine grain negative film. I just wish they sold it in 4x5 sheets. I am a big fan of ektachrome VS, can't beat the colors and resolution, too bad it's $5 every exposure I make. I look at it this way, film is pay as you go, and digital is pay it all up front. I could have bought a nice digital rig by now, but I would have had to get $10,000 pulled together. Instead I use a camera that is as old as my grandma and good ol' film.

Comment It's nice but...... (Score 1) 1127

I have ubuntu studio installed on my machine along side XP. I like the idea of opensource, and I want to try using it for a photo project. I know I will miss my standard adobe apps, and it will be a transition. I think the reason I want to do this is so that I ca work it into a not for profit photo course curriculum and a community project. It would fit the bill and run on cheap hardware. I have one problem I cannot overcome, and it's my own fault. I have a ntfs raid that I store all my photo data on (raid 1, sil soft raid card, sata) and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to mount and use the raid in ubuntu. Everything else has worked fine.... or I have been able to figure it out. I want to like linux and I guess maybe my system is just weird, but I figured this sort of stuff would be easy to make work. I think for educational projects it is a good fit, it would make a small budget have a little wiggle room by eliminating the need for $500 worth of software. Ubuntu Studio is an interesting option and I want to try to exploit it.

Comment Re:What happened to just a plain old phone? (Score 1) 386

Yeah, when I bought my phone, I asked for a monochrome phone with no camera... apparently those don't exist unless you use a tracfone. I want long battery life and small form factor. All the features I could have with this phone (mp3, video, gps) require service charges. I am a photographer, I usually have a way batter camera close at hand, I only use it to take embarrassing pictures of my drunk friends, and even then I would have rather just saved 50 bucks, the camera is not better than the first digi cam I owned. pffft. Iphones are pretty cool, but still, I typically just make calls.

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