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Comment people do care (Score 1) 249

A study on Facebook done recently shows that people care a lot more than one thinks about privacy


Perhaps the fact that it is difficult, that there is no simple solution, is what stops them from being
able to fulfill that desire. Perhaps there is a lot of marketing to spread the idea that they don't. I wonder in whose
interest that would be?

Now another thought. The problem with current social networks is that they are too small. On any centralised network the network operator is always listening. So the number of possible groups that could be made on a site with N users is the size of the Powerset of N. Which is a huge number. Just as a matter of interest here are some figures:

P(100) = 2^100 = 1267650600228229401496703205376

P(250) = 2^250 = 18092513943330655534932966407607485602073435104006338131165247501236\

P(1000) = 2^1000 = 10715086071862673209484250490600018105614048117055336074437503883703\

Now take a site with N users, remove the operator you have P(N)/2 number of groups that connot be made.

Next think of the possible groups that could be made if the whole of humanity could be linked together... The current social networks are just peanuts compared to what is possible....

Comment incestuous: cocain+ghb lead to death last year (Score 1) 379

The incestuous relationship is even weirder than one can imagine. Last year the Chief of the office of the Minister of Culture - the one ran by Christine Albanel no less, the Minister who is passing this hadopi law - was found dead in the appartment of the chief of TF1 international after having consumed a coctail of cocaine and ghb - known as a rape drug according to reports.

Social Networks

Submission + - W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking (sun.com)

bblfish writes: "The W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking is starting to look at this space, with 75 position papers from as diverse areas as Telecoms, handset makers, semantic web players, statisticians, hackers and others. How can we create Open, Distributed yet Secure Social Networks? Why is it needed? What are the privacy implications? How does this fit in with mobile networks. And what is the position of the telcos?"

Submission + - Intel Mash Maker: Mashups for the Mass (sun.com)

bblfish writes: "Intel is launching a Mash up services called Mash Maker, that comes with a Firefox plugin, allows you to see mashups as you browse the web, create screen scrapers using XPath and save them on their server. How is this different from MIT's Piggy Bank? And what do you make of the copyright restrictions?

What is clear is that the Semantic Web meme is growing. It's right there on the front page, up with Mashups for the masses!"

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