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Submission + - T-Mobile charging their customers $299 for the G1 (

bblboy54 writes: "Google, HTC, and T-Mobile unveiled their T-Mobile G1 (formerly HTC Dream) today in a Press Conference and mentioned that existing T-Mobile customers could order the phone starting today for $179. Reports, however, are surfacing that they are charging $299 for the phone for any customer that does not have an expired contract. Even the Android Community is reporting this. T-Mobile has had some very loyal customers in the past and this certainly is not a way to thank them."
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Submission + - Twitter community raises $7k for breast cancer (

bblboy54 writes: "Last month a Twitter user, Susan Reynolds, was surprisingly diagnosed with breast cancer. This came as a shock not only to her but her friends in the twitter community. She started a blog called Boobs on Ice to communicate her struggle with cancer. In her blog she mentioned using a bad of frozen peas to help with the pain she was experiencing. One thing led to another and The Frozen Pea Fund was started by members of the twitter community pulling together. The Washington Post is now reporting that the organization has raised over $7,000 for the American Cancer Society. It's refreshing to see some of this new Web 2.0 technology being used for extremely great causes."

Submission + - The Twitter/T-Mobile Battle (

bblboy54 writes: "Starting Sunday December 9th, many T-Mobile customers began having issues sending SMS messages to the Twitter service. Initially this was thought to be a bug but customers began investigating and received very strong e-mail responses from T-Mobile's President's office. On Thursday, AlternaGeek reported the speculation. It was then later confirmed by the emails customers were receiving from T-Mobile and TechCrunch picked up the story. After a huge outcry from the Twitter community, it was just reported by a representative of Twitter that the problem was found to be technical and not political but this is not only after the direct emails from T-Mobile but also Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, announced T-Mobile was blocking Twitter. The motives and actions of what happened are up for debate but, at the very least, T-Mobile owes their customers and explanation for the way they were treated."

Submission + - T-Mobile Blocking Twitter? (

bblboy54 writes: "While there isn't any (published) official word from T-Mobile or from Twitter, it appears that T-Mobile has begun blocking users from sending SMS messages to the Twitter service. There are a few blog posts popping up regarding this including one over at Alternageek. I personally called T-Mobile last night and spoke with 3 different representatives before finally being told that "T-Mobile does not support third party message providers and while you were able to use the Twitter service previously, this was the result of a bug in their system which has now been corrected." When I specifically asked if I could expect to ever be able to use Twitter with T-Mobile again I was told that it wouldn't occur until Twitter made a contract with T-Mobile (the same mentality that ISPs are using to destroy net neutrality). This can be confirmed by asking anyone on T-Mobile to send an SMS to the Twitter short code (40404) and they will most likely receive a service is unavailable message which has been the result for the last 3 days."

Submission + - Boycott the RIAA in March

bblboy54 writes: "Gizmodo has declared March the month to boycott the RIAA. Sound The Sirens and have both already shown their support for this.
From the article:
Gizmodo is declaring the month of March Boycott the RIAA month. We want to get the word out to as many people as humanly possible that we can all send a message by refusing to buy any album put out by an RIAA label. Am I saying you should start pirating music? Not at all. You can continue to support the artists you enjoy and respect in a number of ways."

Submission + - Jan 26th could make or break the RIAA's lawsuits

bblboy54 writes: "In the Elektra v Barker case, a hearing is set for January 26th and according to p2pnet, it seems that some crucial evidence may end the RIAA reign. More importantly, the case is being heard by Judge Kenneth M. Karas who, according to the article, is much more in tune with technology and understands the circumstances. The author of the article notes that anyone who is able to make it to the hearing in New York should attend to show support."

Submission + - RIAA asks to cut artist's share

bblboy54 writes: "It seems that all of these legal battles are catching up with the RIAA's check book since they have just recently asked the copyright royalty judges to lower the rate. Of course Jonathan Lamy from the RIAA wrote in to explain how the artists have been seeing an increase in income while the labels have been seeing a decrease because they continue to fight for the artists. Engadget is also reporting that Steven Marks of the RIAA said he wants the rates reevaluated so "record companies can continue to create the sound recordings that drive revenues for music publishers.""

Submission + - Should AT&T tell the elderly they're overpayin

bblboy54 writes: "The Associated Press reported today that an elderly woman continued to rent two rotary phones until her family learned of it just this month. The woman had been paying $30 a month for phones that were drastically out of date. AT&T/Lucent said they will continue to give the customers the option of ordering a new phone or not renting phones from the phone company. Is it fair for a company to turn their heads when someone pays them over $14,000 for something that is not needed?"

Submission + - Google may take tower near Microsoft

bblboy54 writes: The Seattle PI is reporting that Google may take a 15 story tower in "Microsoft's backyard."
From the article: Brokers and real estate sources say that Google is eyeing Tower 333, a 430,000-square- foot office building that was formerly known as the Bellevue Technology Tower. The project, which is expected to open in October 2007, is located just southeast of Bellevue Square, at 333 108th Ave. N.E.
Now it looks like they will be able to use binoculars instead of Google Earth.

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