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Comment my favs are not your favs and that is ok. (Score 2) 1222

ok here goes.. Dune Krull the matrix ghost in the shell and the new movie screw anybody who says otherwise. back to the future bicentennial man cloud atlas demolition man elysium Equilibrium escape/whatever to witch mountain damn best movies every even the freaking new one with the rock. exmachina existenz face-off flight of the navigator what to see the future check out Gattaca hope you are born the right way.. hackers Hancock Her Highlander movies, yes i know some are lame but they tell an interesting story so screw the party line. i robot inception independence day interstellar johnny mnemonic judge dredd jurassic park lawnmower man 12 limitless 2011 looper lucy paycheck resident evil all of them Riddick... don't laugh at me its the bod its all the bod robocop all of them don't judge the older ones are just as good as the new one.. Serenity short circuit source code all the star trek movies yeah even the bad ones.. star wars the old ones, the new ones are like luke warm milk, u can drink it but i wouldn't recommend it. Swordfish, made to laugh at the bad hacking.. Terminator, only the 4th on salvation i loath. the 6th day, i love Arnold FU world butterfly effect, cause it was a profound affect on me. The day the earth stood still both of them. The fountain? i am not sure it is sci-fi The Giver one my fav fav The Ice Pirates The Illusionist The Jacket its time travel its SCIFI The Last Starfighter The lost room tv/movie miniseries the Machine The Prestige The 13th floor the time machine The X Files? The Zero Theorem The Fifth Element The Martian The Signal Time Cop Total Recall old one Tron old and new 12 monkeys waterworld x-men movies all of them except #2 last but not least Zardoz for shits and giggles

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

not human history, but horse history there has. we use to have millions of them doing farming, mail delivery, travel etc, pulling equipment etc. now they no longer are needed. The horses have been put out to pasture by the invention of the engine, car, gas powered etc etc. Now they are coming for the low hanging fruit of driving, trucking, and dealing with humans on the phone. It won't happen over night but it will happen. It will be cheaper then insurance for drivers, they won't make as many mistakes, will drive through the night, etc. once it is to a spot some freckled and pimpled faced teenager can unload the back and scan what they need from it, then its off to another destination..

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