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Comment Re:Pity, was useful (Score 1) 408

I'm looking for something else as well, but it should be mentioned that $50/year is less than $5/month. Is the service worth more to you than one fast-food lunch a month? That's about how much you're paying. Of course, I'm a cheapskate so I'll be looking for something else, but I'm just trying to put it in perspective.

Comment Re:Failed Marketing (Score 1) 251

Nothing would make the MBA better than the Surface for note-taking. I have a Surface, I don't have a MacBook, so I like what I have. It takes notes and has a pretty good keyboard, plus the kickstand makes for a much more convienient upright experience than an iPad. As for the bluetooth problems here, I have no idea why people have so much trouble. It just seems like a lot of hassle.

Comment Re:Failed Marketing (Score 2) 251

Really?!??! As much as I hate Microsoft - it's sad to say - that the [very, very] few people who I know who actually had a Surface had nothing but RAVE reviews about them. The summary was: "Size/weight of an iPad - but with a real keyboard. I could take it to meetings, and actually run Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. I could actually take notes with the keyboard - and not some "add-on" iPad type keyboard which made the iPad as big and bulky as a small laptop or netbook".

So in short - it was a real "productivity" device - not like tablet, which I still don't think is really good for anything but *light* web browsing and watching movies on a screen, the size of what we used to watch them on in the 70's.

This is exactly what I love about my Surface. I take it to a meeting, drop open the cover, and tap the Word button. Boom, I'm ready to go, then save everything to Skydrive so I can look it up from anywhere. The people with iPads (everyone else, tbh) tend to have to fiddle with the bluetooth settings and figure out where Pages saves stuff. My Surface just sort of works. YMMV, IMO, and all those other fun acronyms apply.

Comment Re:No Wii Remote on Android 4.2 (Score 1) 74

The application you probably used to do this stopped working under Android 4.2. Now all I get on my Nexus 7 is "No route to host".

This is total horseshit on Google's part. I recently switched from a phone running Gingerbread to a Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.2 and I can pretty definitively say Android is worse for it. Bluetooth connectivity just plain doesn't work for a lot of stuff, what does work takes for-goddamn-ever to connect, the sound quality is crap, and they even took out proxy authintication for the browser. Why? Who the fuck knows? tl, dr: Fuck Google and fuck their Android "improvements"

Comment Re:Well, you were dumb enough (Score 2) 92

I seem to recall reading about how someone fell for a scam like this once - only the scammer came through with the cash. The guy invested a few hundred bucks and got paid something like ten thousand dollars. Zimbabweian dollars. So he ends up getting repaid $40 or so, but seemed to think it was a great experience.

Comment Re:Most of the exploits.. (Score 1) 92

When it comes to passwords, personally I like to made a little 'algorithm' for their construction that involves something about the website I'm visiting and seeded with various other bits n pieces. For example, I could always use the first three digits of my old phone number, along with the first three characters of the website and then the capitalised predominant colour of the logo. For example the /. password would be 206slaGreen, but for the BBC it would be 206bbcRed. You could use anything, the number of characters in the site name, number of words, the website initials, first 3 vowels, etc. The big upside is once you've got a way of generating your password you'll never forget it, even for that random website you log into once a year. Obviously you wouldn't do this for you bank password, but it's great for the multitude of websites which you need to log into that don't contain any sensitive info.

Well done for pointing that out. If you can't remember the previous logo, then you might just have to press that 'forgotten password' button. Ye gads, the horror!

These two posts don't sound anything alike. Are you sure it was a good idea giving away your password information?

Comment Re:Hold Microsoft Responsible (Score 1) 157

The medical place I work at runs the level of Windows and the version of Internet Explorer because that's what the main software we use requires.

I understand you're not placing the blame on Microsoft but. . . If you can't upgrade Windows or IE because of your business software but the fixes are there for Windows, then I'm inclined to place the blame on your business software. Still not Microsoft's fault.

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