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Comment The real issue here... (Score 1) 188

is the gradual and accelerating erosion of Internet freedom. On a recent trip to China I got a hint of what the future will be like. We all know that Google and many other sites are banned in China, but we understand the knock-on effects? Many sites, including our own, use Google services of one sort or another, a choice that renders them broken in China. A banning here, a closed reddit there, a tax in the windy city; slowly the noose tightens on the glory that was our network.

Comment Re:Look outside, not inside (Score 1) 195

Actually I am a pilot, a private pilot, not a commercial or airline pilot. I am guessing that you are not or you would have understood the thrust of my comments; I didn't write show me conditions that require instrument skills. The thread is on the dangers of HUDs dividing attention in visual environments, not the usefulness of instruments in IFR--instrument flight rules--conditions.

Comment Look outside, not inside (Score 4, Insightful) 195

My wife's 'vette has a hud in it and the first thing I do when I drive the car is turn the hud off. When flying the best advice is to keep your head 'out of the cockpit', in other words scanning the skies around you. New pilots' are always glued to the instruments, mature pilots eyes are focused outside except for quick scans of the instruments.

Submission + - Study Suggests That HUD Tech May Actually Reduce Driving Safety (

Zothecula writes: Cruising at speed down the highway with a heads-up display (HUD) constantly feeding data into your line of sight can make anyone feel like a jet pilot on the road; totally in control of your vehicle and primed to avert any potential danger that comes your way. However, recent studies by the University of Toronto show that the HUD multi-tasking method of vehicle piloting may well not provide the extra margin of safety that we think it does. In fact, according to the researchers, it could be downright dangerous.

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