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Comment Worried more about the hate-speech people (Score 1) 414

You're right that religion would probably want to ban certain pornography but I'm more worried about those who would start censoring things that aren't politically correct. That can really get out of hand when they start censoring certain political beliefs because the line is very vague. Soon you feel like you're living in the Soviet Union.

Comment Word will save you some time (Score 1) 325

Word is good because when it comes time to show your book to other people and get them to submit in-document comments/changes, you'll find that no one else has Adobe Professional or other software packages, but everyone has Word. Also, Word is pretty easy to use for the average writer. Once the text is complete it's easy to move to another program if you want a fancier layout.

Comment Re:And who wants cheap prices anyway? (Score 1) 171

No you don't. As long as market entry is open you will always have competition. And not just in the airline sector. Airplanes also compete with trains, cars, boats, etc... If they go to high, people stay home, so they also compete with "staying home". They can't just raise prices willy nilly or they will lose customers.

Comment Re:UAW (Score 1) 715

--"I also find it odd that so many americans find the very idea (of workers gathering together to form a stronger position for bargaining with employers) somehow offensive." A few things. First, the company is owned by someone else. It is their property; not the property of you or your uncle or the government. And like all property, they can operate it as they see fit and you are free to leave at any time. Second, unions make a company uncompetitive. They restrict how much you can automate things, who you can fire, what you can pay. This leads to companies being uncompetitive and going out of business - and then EVERYONE loses. Americans just have a better understanding of freedom and how freedom actually works. Someone like Ron Paul is a stalwart example of this. I've seen very few Europeans who grasp these concepts, probably because their state-based education system was too powerful with the mind control.

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