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Comment What a pointless article! (Score 1) 330

Was this slashdot submission just a glorified "hey let's talk about space again!" attempt?

If we violated known physics we could do foo. If we could teleport we could do bar. If we could travel FTL we could do baz.

Well if I farted gold dust I could be rich. Next let's get a slashdot post about what we could do with a BAJILLION GAZILLION dollars, world piece, and flying puppies.

Comment Re: Scripts that interact with passwords fields aw (Score 3, Interesting) 365

Keepass is also (correct me if I'm wrong: I'd love to hear there is another) the only password manager I know of which is fully cross platform. Combined with Dropbox or some private file sync tool (I host a seafile installation), I have a synced password manager that works on Linux/Win/Mac/iOS/android. And I keep the key separate and move that to devices I use manually, so I'm almost totally unafraid of my vault being intercepted/stolen. Without my master pass phrase AND the encrypted key itself, breaking it is.... way harder than my passwords are worth.

Comment Re: Excuse me while I squick out for a moment. (Score 1) 190

They weren't working for rewards. TFA says they were deprived of water until forced to cooperate. I can totally understand animal experimentation for medical advancement (live saved > lives lost). I can even understand killing rats as pest control (those rats in particular need to leave). THIS, however, was purposely acquiring rats in order to perform this test, in which they were indeed threatened with death lest they perform. Disgusting.

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