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Comment Re:If You're not rich, have a bright future! (Score 1) 367

"But the new site will just hire 3 and have a bunch of robots instead. And 994 still need to eat. This is the problem a lot of people seem to have trouble grasping."

Ok, so it sounds like there's enough manpower to support... 300 some-odd new sites! This is the reality of what happens when jobs become obsolete. Sure, if all you know if manufacturing, you personally may be in a bit of a pickle. But the world was full of people that knew nothing but taking care of livestock, or riding horses, or hunting bison, or reaping wheat, and their children's children do other things now.

Besides this mundane quibble, what would the alternative be? Stop making new stuff? Purposely promote advanced technology that doesn't make anything easier for people? The back-face of this "woe is me, my simple job is gone now" mentality is, "finally, no one has to do that boring shit anymore!"

Comment Re: Actual discovery: Mass of one such galaxy (Score 5, Informative) 105

You don't understand how we use parallax. We measure how much the object shifts 6 months apart, when we have moved 2 AU. Further distances will shift less, and the amount that an object moves that far away is too small for us to measure with current technology. Plus, it requires a backdrop of relatively much-more-distant objects to actually measure the shift (they too move, but so much less so that it's close enough for a good estimate). The other galaxies out there that would be the backdrop are not orders of magnitude further away necessarily, making the measurement even more difficult.

So yes, in this context a milli arc-second does indeed correspond to a fixed distance. The Earth is what moves to make the parallax, and that is a fixed distance. The distance to the object is not required to know what the angular measurement means; rather, the angular measurement given our displacement on Earth is precisely what we use to determine the distance to the object. You're thinking of it backwards.

Comment Re: Taxes and laws in 3,2,1... (Score 1) 117

In this case, I think I would classify getting in an aircraft and flying past birds far, far more quickly than anything else they have to dodge in the sky as the "human error" which causes birds to hit aircraft. So... let's just not fly drones near actual aircraft. Birds not hitting each other (hunting aside) works well enough, why not drones not hitting each other?

Comment What a pointless article! (Score 1) 330

Was this slashdot submission just a glorified "hey let's talk about space again!" attempt?

If we violated known physics we could do foo. If we could teleport we could do bar. If we could travel FTL we could do baz.

Well if I farted gold dust I could be rich. Next let's get a slashdot post about what we could do with a BAJILLION GAZILLION dollars, world piece, and flying puppies.

Comment Re: Scripts that interact with passwords fields aw (Score 3, Interesting) 365

Keepass is also (correct me if I'm wrong: I'd love to hear there is another) the only password manager I know of which is fully cross platform. Combined with Dropbox or some private file sync tool (I host a seafile installation), I have a synced password manager that works on Linux/Win/Mac/iOS/android. And I keep the key separate and move that to devices I use manually, so I'm almost totally unafraid of my vault being intercepted/stolen. Without my master pass phrase AND the encrypted key itself, breaking it is.... way harder than my passwords are worth.

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