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Comment Similar System (Score 1) 264

I have a Q6600 @ 3.4Ghz and paired it with a cheap 5870. I'm still able to play most games at high settings, even at 2560X1600. IMO it is one of the 'best' CPU's ever made. Will be somewhat sad to upgrade when IvyBridge-E is released. I would have liked to have seen the same benchmarks with the processor overclocked too but nice article. Q6600 FTW!

Comment Modafinal (Score 1) 878

I sometimes use Modafinal when I'm working late or need an extra boost. To me it's much more noticeable than caffeine; it keeps me concentrating all day and doesn't make me jittery. Not recreational though. Anyone else it whilst coding?

Comment Re:Thats worth around 6500$ (Score 2, Informative) 479

You can grind gold (repeatably kill certain mobs) and sell their drops on the AH. You can make anywhere between 100-200G an hour depending on how good you are and how many mobs there are to kill.

I believe these guys were raiding SSC and TK (high level instances) for drops which can be sold on the AH for around 1000G. Also once you reach such a high level you don't have much to spend your gold on.

Normally people that farm gold live in countries where the national wage is low - And so the term "Chinese gold farmer" is used. I would suspect they make around $4-6 an hour.

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