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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 712

I'm also in the pencil camp wrt this issue.
If, as you say, you don't press hard when writing, a normal 0.5mm pencil may suit you - if darkness/clarity of lines is an issue, you could try different lead densities - "B" for example is slightly less-dense / draws-darker-lines than "HB" (which is approx. equiv. to the familiar standard "#2"), or you might prefer "2B", "3B", or etc.

Another thought is ultra-fine-felt-tip artist markers. I know there is a full line by Staedtler, down to at least 0.3mm. You should be able to find a good variety at any decent-sized art-supply store. A felt-tip pen avoids all the drawbacks you cite, and, in my experience, draws a line as consistent as the pressure you write it with.

Personally, I use 0.9mm mech.pencils for everything (except legal docs). I'm not aware that there's a difference in drawn thickness - as opposed to the more common 0.5 or 0.7mm units (or, no difference that can't be moderated by attack pressure). As a bonus the 0.9mm leads don't constantly break under your hand.

Comment percentage cut? (Score 1) 329

I'd love to see a percentage (killed projects vs total google projects), attached to these periodic google "spring cleaning" stories. The total would have to be somewhat hypothetical, but ... I just use gmail, reader, and 'drive', and the top nav bar is way crowded from my perspective. I'd bet most goog.users would just make vastly different housekeeping decisions. ... Never forget: features and choices are a /cost/. (Though, all those terms are relative)

Comment IOW: (Score 1) 910

70% disbelieve the country is on the right track
80% are dissatisfied with the pattern of governance
23% have confidence in banks
19% have confidence in big business
< 50% have "a great deal" of confidence in, schools, and religions

Sounds like an excellent recipe of statistics to confuse the shit out of most anyone.

Comment hang up (Score 1) 228

when they call you to schedule an interview, hang up on them.

there is no path from "software testing" to software engineering, in that paradigm.

freelance, intern, do anything but "testing". it's a euphemism for .. software custodian -- ie: janitor.

Comment Re:A little uncomfortable (Score 1) 525

The use of (natural) language in this article is m-f-ing fascinating. All programmers should take note, of this and such efforts to "program" public mind .. i mean, the "minds of the public", i mean, there isn't really a right, agreed-upon terminology wrt this. To wit. You should listen to me. Is that so?

Use of rhetorical technique, winding, folding into, with, among, other rhetorical technique, in the manner of this (TFA) article, /should/ be a red flag, to anyone. How the fuck can that be taught / conveyed to children, to look out for such tripe and claptrap?

Pah. In an era where O'Reilly-ism competes with Limbaugh-gic, which pretend together to compete with .. actual, legit critical reasoning skills .. Heavens, I am glad it is not up to me and I am not to blame for this noize. Read, Live, and Wonder, at your own risk, bizzle.

(paranthetically: really? i have to insert friggen html <br> tags to distinguish lines? %$#*@ on this rig?? wot a (nother) joke...)

Comment Re:A little uncomfortable (Score 1) 525

I think the critical point is that, upon clicking the link to the article, one is presented with the NYT banner / site framework, which gives the (op-ed) some vague, extra perceived authority. Not really a content problem; almost certainly a presentation problem. Douche-bag who's opinion is represented in the article, is off his nut/rocker. Total nonsense. With the NYT brand, apparently endorsing said (ostensible opinion) content to some extent, normal human idiots like myself and many others, may be liable to misunderstand the *cough* authority of the piece.

Point taken.

Comment Re:bye bye bin (Score 1) 1855

Indeed, i heard no mention of a bomb in any of the referenced videos.

As far as the "week ago" part, I'd put it down to journalistic error, based on the mention of /planning/ the operation a week ago - in combination with the d.n.a. verification delay. (In fact, if you watch the bbc(?) Assange interview, also posted here sometime today, the newsline footer says it happened a week ago, too.)

But then, my conspiracy-theorist credentials/credibility are rather weak (i even presume the moon landing actually happened!) .. Not to say i'm certain of anything, in the natural world, but it helps to take /some/ things on trust, if you want to sleep at night. Let's agree to attack the credibility of the news-media-military-industrial complex, on better grounds, next week .. when the smoke has cleared a bit.

Submission + - SPAM: Reviews on Salehoo - Is Salehoo a Scam or perhaps

adansherman457 writes: Applications that sell wholesale items are identified to pull your chain now and then. I have been scammed as soon as before having a method that promised me all of those excellent points, only to seek out that I used to be chasing and seeking other places to locate what I needed and needed. I just wasn't what I had anticipated.

The final thing which you want is an additional scam which is just heading to run along with your funds. Salehoo is able to offer the biggest database on all kinds of locations for the to get what you'll need for the business, and discover it fast. There's no danger of a fake or perhaps a rip-off. One of many best things that I like is that there are critiques from other members on the suppliers. So, in the event the supplier includes a negative popularity, you'll know about it. You'll also have a concept board that you can publish questions and get great solutions. I enjoy the ease and self-confidence that I have when using Salehoo.

One thing that I was shocked with was the local community inside the forum. These individuals seem to perform together to make each other successful. There are lots of Ebay PowerSellers that are members which might be willing to help. I had a question about a distributor 1 time, and I got the answer inside an hour. I used to be very impressed with the services that this spot has.

When searching for suppliers, salehoo scam features a characteristic where you'll be able to get their contact information, spy on competitors on niches, as well as save a supplier in your favorites list to ensure that you don't must search each and every time you have to spot an buy.

There are a lot of diverse those that join. You'll find a lot of people that sale on Ebay for large earnings, while you will find also people that join just to acquire the enormous discounts on issues that they want. You no lengthier need to pay the big retail price for that Xbox 360. You'll be able to get it wholesale. That is exactly what I did last Christmas for my small boy. Now, you will find also those that own retail retailers that use Salehoo. This can be an excellent location to purchase things less expensive than you at any time believed possible.

An additional great thing about it's that there no addition expense right after signing up. You do not have to spend the supplier an additional fee, and you'll find no fees to Salehoo following signing up. I have usually joined areas that you need to pay a supplier to join their organization along with the wholesale directory. This is not how Salehoo functions.

So, simply to re-cap, I am entirely happy with Salehoo. I use it for numerous points. I sale a whole lot on eBay, and occasionally I'll buy things for myself and my family wholesale. This really is a fantastic services. You may not be disappointed.

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Submission + - Stop the Cloud, I want to get off! (

splitenz writes: Look, it's just the Internet, people. We don't need a new word to say that data is stored on a central server. Jason Cross can't wait for the day when "cloud" joins the dustbin of overused and meaningless technology marketing words, along with push, virtual reality, and multimedia. And he has plenty of good reasons why.

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