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Comment Try CitiVAN (Score 4, Informative) 242

Citibank offers a "Virtual Account Number" service for their credit cards (Mastercard). It works fairly well. You can do one-shot purchases, or recurring purchases with the same merchant only, or even cap the total you're willing to spend via a virtual number over a number of months.

They have a web interface, but you can also download a Java applet that can generate numbers and fill in purchase forms for you.

Data Storage

Submission + - IBM botches IT storage repair, kills bank systems (

An anonymous reader writes: IBM personnel were blamed by a major Singapore bank after they reportedly botched a "routine" repair job on a disk storage subsystem, resulting in a seven-hour systems outage. The outage was apparently triggered during a repair job on a component within the disk storage subsystem connected to the bank's mainframe. IBM decided to swap out the offending component at 3am but an "oudated procedure" used by the repairer "inadvertently triggered a malfunction in the multiple layers of systems redundancies". The outage led to a gushing apology from the bank's chief executive overnight.

Submission + - Robbie Williams to play Captain Kirk

AxminsterLeuven writes: After yesterday's announcement that Leonard Nimoy will be playing Spock again, reports are coming in that none other than Robbie Williams will be cast as Captain Kirk. Here's just one example, that quotes director J.J. Abrams as saying: "I think (Williams)'d be a good Captain Kirk. The Kirk in my movie is quite young, it's like the early years."

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