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I've been using Snapstream's BeyondTV for several years. I've got 3 BTV boxes in my house. I tried to set up a Myth box one time. It was too complicated for me. I absolutely dread when stuff doesn't work and I have to go online and figure out how to make it work. I've still had to do a little of that with BTV, but overall it's been pretty good. It does lock up now and then and my relatively recent addition of a Hauppauge HD-PVR box has been an absolute bust (love the rest of my Hauppauge hardware, but the HD-PVR requires daily, sometimes hourly, reboots). Anytime BTV misses a show I have to hear the wife say, "Why does it always mess up on my shows?" So it happens, but not so often that the wife insists on a change. For important stuff, I set up recordings on more than one box. They're all networked so I can watch any show on any TV. I also have a HD cable STB PVR that I never use because the UI is awful. I just control it using the previously mentioned HD-PVR under BTV.

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