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Comment Re:"Linux Command Line Tirckery" HA! (Score 1) 642

Frankly, mounting an ISO in that manner is basic knowledge that any sysadmin knows. If you aren't a sysadmin or something of that nature (ignoring the fact that Linux DOES have features that allow ISO's to be one-click mounted graphically), why are you using a server OS? Try creating a gui for something like rsync. The reason it's such a great program is the amount of options you have; good luck trying to create a simple gui that allows them all to be used easily.

Comment Re:The best option (Score 1) 126

I had a math teacher that did this. He had a netbook running Fedora and would use it to record audio and the overhead screen during classes. Since most of what he wrote up there were proofs, it helped a great deal. Last I heard, he and some other people (he's more of a CS guy than anything), were working on some software to stream the classes while in progress, as well as allow interaction from students not physically present.

Comment Re:Age (Score 1) 466

For me it wasn't age. I simply started making more money than I did before and my time became more valuable. Buying games in store, having to install each one by disk and manually patch everything wasn't any better for me than pirating all of them and stashing them on a spare hard drive somewhere. I stopped pirating games because steam was more convenient and cheaper (time vs money). I've even re-bought some of the games I own on dvd media on steam so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping track of the disks or manually patching after an OS reinstallation.

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