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Comment Re:If OSX, Linux, & BSD can do it, Microsoft c (Score 1) 178

IF the programmers of Apple OSX, Linux, and BSD can make mostly malware-free software, Microsoft can also.

Those operating systems have fewer vulnerabilities because they were designed to be secure.

Apple has a horrible record for patching OSX.
Linux and *BSD have plenty of advisories and vulnerabilities.
No, they were NOT designed to be secure. There are specialised variants, such as OpenBSD and SELinux that can make that, but the vast majority of *nix operating systems can not.
If you want security by design look at the mainframe or iSeries.

Comment Re:Or just switch to linux! (Score 1) 178

Windows is leaps and bounds more secure than any distro of linux, and will be for quite a while.

Citation, please?


The reason windows is so exploited, is because it is on 90%+ of the machines in the world which make it the prime target. If Linux had 90% of the desktop, I'm sure you wouldn't be saying "Switch to Linux"

Very true.

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