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Comment Ask me what ads (Score 1) 156

I have better advice for Facebook, Google, Hulu and all other interactive media. Why don't you ask me what kind of ads/informertials I want to see? Stop trying to figure out what I may want and stop showing me crapy ads for insurance (I have one), laundry detergents (who cares) or senior mobility devices (still have couple decades to get there). Ask me what ads I would like to see (cars, computers, movies, music, etc.) and then make those ads not only entertaining but also educational/meaningful. I would be happy to see few of these before or after my movie or while I am browsing.

Comment Re:AMD is the best value (Score 1) 252

You are correct, but there is a reason for it. Value is subjective to a given user. My posts in this topic (not necessarily in reply to you directly) have plenty of facts, e.g. price, performance, etc. At the end the numbers are just that, numbers. You have to translate the numbers to real world meaning. Thats where the words like 'value' 'satisfaction' 'opinion' come in.

If you ask user to spend $100 for product A and $200 for product I, the user will ask, what do I get in return? You can thrown the numbers you used on him, but most user will come back in return and say, is the difference in numbers really WORTH (another word!) the $100 (or twice) the difference? Or maybe, since we are talking about computers, can I use the $100 and spend it on something else that provides much more value (here it is) that if I spend it on CPU? How about more memory, how about better graphics card, how about bigger monitor. How about not spending it at all on computers and taking your wife out for a nice dinner, she will see lots of value in that :-)

Good conversation, there is no right or wrong, just different people look at this differently. Intel is doing a decent job with pushing the performance and power savings, it is just not that important to me.

Comment Re:AMD is the best value (Score 1) 252

You misread my comment. My comment implies that I can buy newer/better motherboard and slower/older CPU and upgrade to newer/better CPU when the prices decrease. This is possible becase the newer motherboard supports the older CPUs and the CPUs actually decrease in price. With Intel motherboards it is not simply as easy. For one, the socket change and they are not backward compatible and for two as this article comfirms, the CPUs don't decrease in price as much.

1156 was current model at the time I bought it 2 years ago. Too bad it lasted only 1 generation of CPUs.

Now lets look at AMD3+ socket

You are correct that there is more caveats to this and the comparison is not as simple, the point though is that the value and savings go beyond just CPU when you start taking into account other components.

Comment Re:AMD is the best value (Score 1) 252

There is definitely no discussion about which chip is faster and had more features. My point is, the AMD provides a really good value for the money. Sure you can outspend yourself to higher performance, but spending money is easy.The question is if the higher cost will reflect itself in higher productivity, satisfaction, usability, etc. In my opinion at today's performance levels 99% percent of people will not notice. I have a monster dual CPU 4 core each (8 with HT) Intel workstation I am writing this on which I use for daily hard code SW development and let me tell you, I don't see difference in may daily routine between this and my AMD based desktop which I use for similar tasks.

Comment Re:Well, DUH. (Score 1) 252

If by "cost the same" means you can get Intel with motherboard for $90 as you can get the AMD

then I would love to know where you source your components. Microcenter lists the i5 3450 at $145

which is whooping $500 more than the AMD and doesn't even include the motherbord. Newegg has it $100 more.

Comment Re:AMD is the best value (Score 1) 252

Dont even get me started on upgrade path where Intel changes the socket so often that it is hard to keep up and you not only have to change the CPU but also the motherboard. My latest Intel (yes I have both :-) used LGA 1156 which was replaced with incompatible socket LGA 1155 soo after. That means that I cannot reap benefits of decreasing prices (if any such decrease would happen) without incurring additional cost of upgrading motherboard.

With AMD and AM2/AM3/AM3+ socket evolution I am able to purchase better motherboard and lower cost processor and then upgrade as prices decrease.

Comment AMD is the best value (Score 2) 252

I buy and use AMD simply because it is the best value for the money

Microcenter or Fry's throws is also cheap motherboard. For $90 you can get top performing AMD CPU and motherboard. My 4 core AMD supports 3 way multiseat and runnning 4 X11 sessions on Ubuntu 12.04 just fine. Match that Intel.

Comment Re:Back it up and nuke it! Then scan the backup. (Score 2) 320

I second this. Just get another drive and start from scratch on that drive. If you need any data from the old drive, do it on a isolated computer on different non standard OS (*BSD or *nix) to prevent cross contamination. I would also reapply BIOS in case they found a way to infect it.

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