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Comment Re:so once again... (Score 1) 102

It's not pretty obvious; it's not obvious at all. For example, I just logged in to comment and realized it was time I changed my password.

I use uMatrix and (kind of) know what I'm doing. I ended up allowing all third-party domains temporarily just to change my password. Go take a look yourself at the ridiculous number of domains NOT named that uses.

Comment Re: Signed by whom? (Score 1) 26

Absolutely not.

The patient does not have the skills, knowledge of the device's internal hardware/firmware/software design, testing tools, or the time to make sure an update is safe and won't break the device. Only the manufacturer can do that.

Besides, "signed" doesn't necessarily mean the same certificate-based chain-of-trust process that most people are familiar with. It could be much simpler (and usually is for firmware or software on embedded devices).

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