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Comment I work for Microsoft and I love it (Score 0) 236

I joined Microsoft 3 years ago in a Developer position, and I just love it. It is a great place to work, very very very smart people in every corner, there is no such BS of what you can buy or what you can use, a significant number of Microsoft employees use iPhones, iPads, and Google search, nobody will come to you and say you shouldn't use this or use that, I have colleagues that went Google and returned back in less than a year, not because Google is bad, but because Microsoft benefits for families are much better, while companies like Google, Facebook are more suitable for singles with no life, while Microsoft encourages you to have a work-life balance. Also Microsoft as a company is very unique, you can't find one company that has products ranging from hard core OS kernel developers to search engines, to programming languages design to game development and home entertainment .... etc lots of opportunities that can rarely be in one place.

Comment Re:Too bad for IE9... (Score -1) 265

Since both are very early previews, IE9 didn't even reach the beta stage, we will all wait and see, however I really don't think FireFox will ever be faster in this area exactly because of the overhead of its cross platform nature, IE on the other hand, can utilize DirectX & Windows API better than any other browser and without having any abstraction layers in between the application and the those API's

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