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The Internet

Submission + - How far would you go to defend net neutrality? 1

basementman writes: How far would you go to defend a major move against net neutrality? Such as outright censorship of a certain political viewpoints, tiered prices to access certain websites or a required identification system to be able to post content to the internet? Surely everyone would complain about it on the internet, but would you protest in the streets, hack censoring services, riot, storm relevant buildings, or stage a full scale violent revolution? How much is the neutral internet worth to you and how far would you go to protect it?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How do I make my Netbook more manly?

basementman writes: I recently purchased a 10 inch white MSI wind. As you can see it's a small computer and it's good for what I use it for. I get a lot of comments from women saying it is "cute" or "adorable". Not the good kind of cute that will get me laid though, the kind of cute that says they thing I have different sexual presences than I actually do (not that there is anything wrong with that). So how can I make my netbook more manly, or at least have some witty line to respond to the their comments.

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