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Comment htaccess: deny from .au = country blocking (Score 0, Troll) 106

Here is another technical prior art from the usenet (for the public record)

Usenet group: de.comp.lang.perl.cgi
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 19:27:42 +1000

Title:.htacess problem

From: "rodw"
Newsgroups: de.comp.lang.perl.cgi
Subject: .htacess problem
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 19:27:42 +1000
Organization: The Internet Group (Sydney)
Lines: 22
X-Trace: 1002619553 5302 (9 Oct 2001 09:25:53 GMT)
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2615.200

Hi all,

Im trying to block a country from viewing my site buy using .htaccess but am
having no luck. I am using the code below but when I put it on all domains
seemed to be blocked as I get a "500 internal error", any ideas?

AuthName "Blocking"
AuthType Basic

order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from
deny from
deny from


Comment Adsense patent from 2002 is prior art (Score 1) 106

Taken from Googe's own patent

For example, if the content of the advertisement includes "Buy honda cars at the lowest prices of the year!", the terms "honda" or "honda cars" may be extracted from that content. The targeting information may also include other demographic information, such as geographic location, affluence, etc. Thus, the targeting information is simply some information from which a topic may be derived.

. . .

Among the other things that could be provided by an advertiser through ad entry and management component 210 are the following: one or more advertising creatives (simply referred to as "ads" or "advertisements"), one or more set of keywords or topics associated with those creatives (which may be used as targeting information for the ads), geographic targeting information, a value indication for the advertisement, start date, end date, etc.


Submission + - Windows now with goatse-FTP

barwasp writes: "Earlier reports of the remotely exploitable FTP bug being limited to ancient systems were an understatement. Microsoft now informs the bug affects most windows systems. The 0-day exploit is in wild but no security patches are available. CERT tells that disabling anonymous FTP write access may be helpful."

Submission + - Nokia N97 self-destroying its camera lens

barwasp writes: "We are now well in the 100's of people who have purchased this latest flagship Nokia device, only to be disappointed with the main camera slider cover, which actually scratches the glass that covers the lens when slid open, and closed.
We have also found out, thanks to member, brkix in Croatia, that the blue pad that you see under the slider, is not in any way, shape, or form, there to clean the glass that covers the camera lense. brkis reports after dismantling his N97's Camera cover, exposes a very cheap, and tacky piece of hard plastic, with an embedded metal square magnet, which is used with a metal trigger in the N97, so it knows then the slider is open, or closed. This very blue pad, is the cause of all the scratches we are seeing. This is due to it being too close to the glass, but not close enough to prevent any foreign bodies getting trapped in between it, and the glass.

Do you own an N97? Is your camera glass scratched too? The poll, (with damage pictures), suggests the self-destruction rate is very high."

Submission + - To patent trolls with love (

barwasp writes: I did this. Maybe it isn't much, but if Adobe could that to this guys pictures, it could be a big competitive advantage and Adobe doesn't need any such. Now, lets make sure that there will no chances for evil software patents within this technology. As these blogs broadcast all kinds of timestamped weird-backs back to ... to who knows where. Hah, prior arting has never been easier.

Dear all reading professional, I would like you to remember reading this text as prior art, when someone will try to patent a similar method or a device arrangement, that is using the techniques shown below. TITLE: Method and device arrangement for creating audio visual designs
unPatentable claims 1) A method that...

Still, I wonder why do I need to publish things somewhere in the internet hoping someone will found those when needed. Wouldn't it be the duty of WIPO or USPTO to arrange a way to archive unPatentable claims as prior art... Can it be this simple? Earlier I have posted prior arts to the Usenet, used Digital Timestamping Service, even submitted patent applications. However, that prior art knowledge has only been for me, what if I like... die. No, WIPO or USPTO should maintain the prior art wiki.

Comment AIDS Information-virus from 1989 is REAL prior art (Score 3, Funny) 394

As invented and distributed by Dr Popp. Here is the story AND it crippled the operating system until money was paid!!!

According to accounts in the British press, in December 1989, Popp sent out his diskettes to attendees of the World Health Organization's international AIDS meeting. Labeled "AIDS Information -- Introductory Diskettes," the disks contained a Trojan devised by Popp.

After a certain number of reboots, a bug encrypted the hard disk's directory, hiding all files and flashing a message instructing users to send a couple hundred bucks to a postal box in Panama. (The Guardian reports that Popp had suffered a mental collapse after being turned down for a WHO job.)

There's some question as to whether this constituted blackmail. Soon after his arrest and extradition to England, where one medical organization reported having lost a decade's worth of research, Popp took to wearing a cardboard box on his head. Soon, he was pronounced unfit to stand trial.

Stranger still, Popp had packed a leaflet with the diskettes the offered the bluntest terms-of-use statement in computer history:

"These program mechanisms will adversely affect other program applications on microcomputers. You are hereby advised of the most serious consequences of your failure to abide by the terms of this license agreement: your conscience may haunt you for the rest of your life; you will owe compensation and possible damages to PC Cyborg Corporation; and your microcomputer will stop functioning normally.''

Forget all that evolution business! Popp should have been working for Microsoft!


Comment Re:Where is the APC, (here is correct TFA address) (Score 1) 307

Briefly: Damn this isn't the right address

Longer version: Original TFA link didn't/doesn't work and the firefox didn't find on this page strings "URL" or "address" for pointing out the correct article link. BUT I saw that "working link"-post... So I read it and see nothing of APC is mentioned there( which is the most expected thing for me on PHP6). So... in doing a public a favor I repost the above "year old link" and wonder about APC. OK, the link isn't right thus there's still hope for APC to be there - maybe & sorry.

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