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Submission + - Neutrinos can change appearance (

barutiwa writes: ...after three years of monitoring multiple billions of muon neutrinos beamed to them through the earth from CERN 730 kms (456 miles) away, they had spotted one that had turned into a tau neutrino. Behind that scientific terminology lies the long-sought proof that the three varieties of neutrinos — sub-atomic particles that with others form the universe's basic elements — can switch appearance, like the chameleon lizard...In its turn, specialists say, this could help shed light on what is the dark matter that makes up about a quarter of the universe alongside the some 5 percent that is observable and the remaining 70 percent invisible dark energy.

Comment Re:The end is nigh! (Score 1) 171

Really who can stop this from happening? Space is the final frontier. It is unregulated. There is no government. Tell me, who can stop any one in the private sector from experimenting with synthetic life-forms on Mars or any other planet, moon or asteroid? If government make regulations to control the advent of synthetic life, then who can stop a rogue individual or group from carrying out their nefarious experiments in space?

Comment The Race To Produce More Synthetic Life-Forms (Score 1) 171

I think the most interesting aspect of being the first to create a synthetic life-form is that you inspire others to continue their Research & Development on this subject using their own innovative techniques/methods to arrive at producing synthetic life. This is inspite of opposition and a patent. It all sounds like something out of a sci-fi comic book. Anyway, I think the possibilities are great. Now, I would not be surprised if someone blast their synthetic life-form on a planet like Mars just to see if their synthetic life-form will survive and replicate itself.
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Journal Journal: State of Emergency declared in Kingston

Kingston, Jamaica ( - On Sunday, Prime Minister Bruce Golding declared a state of emergency in parts of Kingston the capital city of Jamaica. The state emergency was implemented after two police officers were murdered in clashes with the Shower Posse gang. The conflict emerged when security forces attempted to arrest local drug lord, Christopher Coke, for extradition to the United States to face charges of cocaine trafficking and gun-running.


Journal Journal: New Evidence Life On Mars

NASA's Mars Meteorite Research Team asserts that a 4-billion-year-old meteorite that landed thousands of years ago on Antarctica displays evidence of microscopic life on Mars. Team leader, David McKay, adds that many other Martian meteorites hold distinct, identifiable microbial fossils. NASA scientists are more confident than ever before that life did, and may still, exist on Mars.

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Journal Journal: A News Service For Young People

Rima Chaddha, an American Journalist, writes an interesting article that highlights some of the offline and online publishing milestones of Baruti M. Kamau. The article is entitled "A News Service For Young People." It was distributed on the World Wide Web on May 17, 2002.

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Journal Journal: A Dynamic Discovery Of The Human Mind

In this un-published article, Baruti M. Kamau, explores a revealing journey into the power of the human mind. He makes an effort to acquire the basic process on how the mind functions when it is trying to manifest an idea into reality. Mr. Kamau was 21 years-old at the time of this writing. The article was originally written on January 4, 1991. It is un-published. This is the first time the article "A Dynamic Discovery Of The Human Mind" has been published and distributed via the World W

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Journal Journal: I'm Old and New To Slashdot is probably the most interesting geek/tech oriented site I've come across on the Internet. I've been familiar with Slashdot since 1999. I had an old account that I didn't use much and I've forgotten the username. Now I have a new account and intend on using it. Anyway, I think I will use this journal as a personal diary, web blog and a way to promote some of my writings. However, slashdot will be a supplemental vehicle for these uses. I'm also using other sites the same way

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