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Comment $26.95 (Score 1) 128

Well I just tried to buy a Minecraft license online. I went through their payment page, put in my name and credit card info and got declined because their payment processor, Moneybookers, said I needed to sign up for an account and scan my drivers license and send it to them.

I kinda would have liked to have played the full version of Minecraft but I am sure as hell not giving out that kind of information for it.

Comment Re:What about the parents? (Score 3, Interesting) 466

This. A thousand times this.

At my son's school they have a student code of conduct regarding technology which both the children and their parents are supposed to sign. One of the more egregious clauses gives the school permission to seize and search through students cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, etc, if they believe there is some incriminating evidence contained within. I struck that clause out and wrote a note saying if they had any problems with that to contact me, not a peep.

If the school has any concerns or suspicions about what my son is doing they should contact me and have me search through his stuff. If we give the school that power it just desensitises our children against invasive privacy abuse.

Comment Re:Interesting.... (Score 1) 1017

This is exactly what needs to happen.

A locked door to the cockpit prevents anyone from hijacking the plane and crashing it into a building. An armed guard deters (but doesn't entirely prevent) someone from taking hostages. There is no way to prevent every misdeed, but this seems like a fair compromise between security and liberty to me.

Comment Re:Heh, figures. (Score 1) 346

Speaking from personal experience that 1 in 6 set of odds is only for the first 360 you buy. If you have to send it in for warranty repair/work then you get a refurbished unit which has a significantly higher rate of failure. In my case I went through 3 refurbs which each arrived DOA before I sold my 360 and all my games and went and bought a PS3.

I went against my conscience and bought a 360 because it had some cool games, but it wasn't worth it, and that's the last dime of my money that M$ gets.


The Law and Politics of Battlestar Galactica 321

privacyprof writes "Fans of the show Battlestar Galactica might be interested in our interview with writers and producers Ron Moore and David Eick. Three law professors at the blog Concurring Opinions have an hour-long interview with Moore and Eick about the legal, political, moral, and economic issues raised by the show. The interview is available in audio files; alternatively, people can read a transcript of the interview (Part I) and (Parts II and III). Part I examines the lawyers and trials in the show, how torture is depicted, as well as how the humans must balance civil liberties and security. Part II examines politics and commerce. It explores how the cylon attack affected the humans' political system, and it examines how commerce works in the fleet. Part III examines issues related to cylons, such as the humans' treatment of cylons, how robots should be treated by the law, how the cylons govern themselves politically."

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