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Comment Repurpose the telephone cabling (Score 2) 300

100 Mbit Ethernet really requires only two twisted pairs so you might just get away with replacing the connectors on the end of the existing cable which has exactly that number of pairs! The old cable is probably not shielded at all so before jumping on this try it out with a few interconnected hotspots and load the system as best you can.

Comment Re:Landfill? (Score 1) 223

Some countries (Scandinavia)

Scandinavia is not a country. If you had chosen to postfix an n to your noun in parenthesis to make it an adjective, then you would be correct.
Sorry all, I just had a grammar nazi urge. But being a non native English speaker and writer, my statements above are probably riddled with errors, too. :)

Comment KMS performance issues (Score 1) 217

So I have a 6 year old laptop with ATi X700 (think DirectX9.0b era), which means that the manufacturers driver no longer supports my card. So I have to use the open source KMS drivers from Xorg. This card is no slouch as it accelerates many FPS games under WinXP which I dual-boot into for games only.

While performance in Windows is what it is it pains me to see how slow the machine seems using the KMS driers in Linux. While I understand that small teams of Xorg devs cannot compete with the optimisations of ATi^W AMD employees, it's just a pain to use the machine for any 3D. Even compiz struggles with the desktop cube.

My experience with HIB2:
  - Braid refuses to run because it requires Shader Model 3, ATi X700 has SM2
  - Osmos is painfully slow as described above
  - Machinarium is Flash based. Full-screen the game is totally non-playble as the cursor feels like it is moving inside a jar of honey, however, windowed it is very enjoyable.

I have to say that I have had similar experiences with the first Humble Indie Bundle. Seems I should just accept that developers want to use the latest and greatest APIs even for 2D platformers.

Mild poor student rant over. :) I have to say I have a much better computing experience with my desktop machine because it is so much cheaper to upgrade incrementally.

Comment Re:Bill Gates (Score 1) 737

At least the British PM apologized for that recently in a more timely manner than for instance the previous pope for the crusades. Anyway, I have read informed guesses that Apple's logo of a bitten fruit is a nod to Turing - he supposedly killed himself by biting on an apple laced with cyanide.

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