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Comment Re:I don't use Facebook. (Score 1) 68

Those stupid gossipy idiots are the people who pay for your salary, assuming you even have a job, if not, they pay tax that pays your welfare checks.

Wrap your brain around the network effect. Everybody is on Facebook because everybody is on Facebook.

If you want to be nobody, that's fine, just don't tell everybody you hate their stupid guts, because they might vote to eliminate your livelihood or, depending on how much of a fucking asshole you are, just come to kill you.

Jesus. Are you a fucking FB shareholder?

If so, just say so.

Comment Conventional warfare is dead (Score 2, Insightful) 193

I want my money back. This pig isn't going to fly, and even if it does, this type of warfare is dead. Future wars will be fought with pilotless (and maybe even autonomous) vehicles. Cyber warfare will also be much more devastating than whatever damage this overpriced toy can produce. We should dock the pay of every congress critter who voted for it until it's paid back in full.

Comment Won't help (Score 1) 293

Shaming these morons isn't going to help. They won't stop until they either kill themselves or somebody else. I've given up counting the number of people I see dicking with their phones while they drive - even cops.

Autonomous cars can't get here soon enough. Human beings just aren't smart enough to be driving.

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