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Comment Losing a 4th-generation iPhone (Score 1) 1204

People make it seem like Chen actually stole the device. People should get angry at the person who sold it him. If you believe what Chen did is was unacceptable, you should also agree what the developer did was unprofessional and as well unacceptable. How does a professional developer lose such a fragile item like a 4th-generation iPhone. Word of advice: If you don't your items taken, don't lose them. Keep them with you.

Comment probably fake science (Score 1) 942

I don't understand how owning a SUV is the same as owning a dog.

First of all, a SUV is machine. The dog is an animal.

I could love a machine but it won't love me back. Machines don't have emotions. The dog will always show emotion when i show affection.

Instead of eating our dogs. we should be using our SUV's for parts for inventions.

This article is probably fake science that the Extreme Environmentalist movement has created. Global warning, dying polar bears and now this. (Reminder: Nazi Germany has been know for fake science)

Want to really save the planet?... Plant trees and other plants to absorb carbon-foot prints.

Comment Re:Good grief.. (Score 1) 942

the elephant in the room - population control

What do you think wars, and drugs are for?

War kills thousands to millions of men, women and even children. From both sides even people around war areas that aren't threats(victims).

With drugs people could overdose and most likely die.

I believe this is population control.

The world's population shouldn't be any ones concern. Yes as people are born everyday by the seconds. Keep in mind that people will always die everyday by the seconds.

Anyways ideas like population control were probably the bases for The Final Solution.

Comment global warming? (Score 1) 791

just look at the other planets in our solar system, people don't live in them. yet the climate still changes. climate change is driven by cosmic and radiant energy hitting the atmosphere. CO2 has little to do with it. its already in the atmosphere. plants need to it make food. so if your against CO2 go plant a tree! now if you want to patch up the ozone layer, release O3 (trioxygen) in to the atmosphere. ozone generators do exist. The Great Nikola Tesla built one.

Comment The RIAA (Score 1) 309

has to realize that filesharing is going to happen weather they like it or not.

Reasons why the RIAA should f@#K off!
merch(including CD's, t-shirts, etc...)

This is why i support independent music. They don't care if their music goes up on internet because they record it them selfs.

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