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Comment Re:Biblical? (Score 1) 347

The rods are located near the outer edges of the retina. This is why very distant stars that are barely visible appear brighter if you use your peripheral vision to view them by looking off to the side.

Neat. I always thought that was because I was weird. Oh wait...


95M-Year-Old Octopus Fossils Discovered 290

mmmscience writes "A new study published in Paleontology is a truly terrific find. Not only did a group of European scientists find a fossilized octopus, they found five complete fossils that show all eight legs in great detail, including a ghost of the characteristic suckers. The discovery of the 95-million-year-old specimens was made in Lebanon. 'What is truly astonishing to the scientists is how similar these ancient creatures are to their modern-day counterparts. Dirk Fuchs, lead author on the study stated, "These things are 95 million years old, yet one of the fossils is almost indistinguishable from living species."'"
The Internet

Submission + - 40,000 Copyright Infringements

barncha writes: "I recently came across a site leeching graphics from my own and found it was not only hotlinking to a few of my own images, but also to another 40,000 spread over 5,000 other domains. No source was mentioned for the images and no copyright information was displayed — they appeared to belong to the site in question.

I have been in contact with the sites help desk to point out the use of the copyrighted images and the hotlinking issue, though I get the impression they have no idea what I'm talking about... Their excuse for not attributing and hosting the images on their own servers was: "Due to the sheer volume of data present on the world-wide web, it is unfortunately not possible to contact each site individually". They also seem to be hiding behind a "we're a not-for-profit scientific resource" stance. I can understand the hotlinking issue (not understanding how the web works) but this blatant plagiarism is inexcusable from a supposedly scientific resource.

I have considered emailing the 5000+ domains about use of their images, but I would rather the site in question did that. How serious is this? What action should I take?"

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