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Comment Re:Buncha keys should go (Score 1) 968

I use the Caps Lock at work all the time when I'm drawing plans because some clients have CAD standards in which all letters are supposed to be capitalized. This can be paragraphs in some cases. And for certain headings in spreadsheets and such, I'd rather toggle Caps Lock and type quickly than hold shift as I type.

I need Caps Lock for "note off" in Renoise, a music tracker program that, designed to be operated almost exclusively from the keyboard, makes good use of all the keys. (I could remap it, of course, but I like to keep it standard so I can move around easily.) Renoise uses the Scroll Lock and function keys as well.

How about if Google just deletes any comments written in all caps.

Submission + - RIAA Bullies Student Almost to Suicide (zdnet.com)

barnackle writes: A ZDNet blog post directs us to a story about a student who was bullied by the RIAA almost to the point of suicide. I didn't get a chance to RTFA because my work web filter blocked it (my SSH tunnel is out of operation while I move houses), but it looks like just the thing for the Slashdot crowd to mull over.

Submission + - Microsoft Applies for Pay-per-Use PC Patent (zdnet.com)

barnackle writes: ZDNet News has the scoop about a new Microsoft patent. On Christmas day US patent application number 20080319910 was published which outlines Microsoft's idea to sell or give away heavily subsidized computers and sell the use of the machines based on time and performance. In the abstract they admit that it would probably cost the user more over time, but it would benefit the user in that the machine could scale its performance based on the user's need, supposedly extending the computer's useful life. The intent seems to be that the computer is initially overpowered for the user's needs so he or she has room to grow, while not having to spend much money at the outset.

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