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Comment Re:IT the bottleneck? (Score 1) 173

Based on my experience I disagree with your (often cited) theory. Of the cities I have lived in that decided to build roads vs ones that did not the only thing that has been a variable is the quality of life and drive times. People actually prefer to live in the suburbs and will still chose to live there regardless of traffic.

Comment Re:Really, they should make it easier to do (Score 1) 778

I am a developer. Why would I waste my time on the the tiny fraction of people who turn off javascript? Easy answer I wouldn't. It isn't about being lazy at all it is more along the lines of why waste my time and limit page capabilities to satisfy a nonexistent demographic of tinfoil hat wearing basement dwellers who turn of javascript?

Comment Re:Easy to answer. (Score 0) 366

I don't like windows or linux all that well (they are just tools) but for a user desktop I far, far, far, prefer windows to anything linux and I run quite a few linux machines as novelty (they are fun to mess with). If I had to use linux as my desktop I could but it is buggy.

Common linux distros break far too often and due to how the popular distros work require re-installing more often than windows (the upgrades break fairly often).

Comment Re:nope. it starts with accuracy (Score 3, Insightful) 366

I understand it just fine. I run linux on a server and have it installed in various VMs to mess with. I wouldn't dream of running it as my main machine as I feel Linux just isn't ready for prime time on the desktop.

I have no problem fixing various things when they come up but they come up far, far too frequently for a consumer level OS.

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