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Comment HSRP (Score 1) 206

It seems like what you are looking for is HSRP. You have routing set up to where if the primary service goes down, the route dies and fails over to a secondary connection. I used to set this up all the time at the NSP I worked for and it was very simple. VRRP is even easier but it is Cisco proprietary and probably wouldn't fit your needs.

Comment #41 (Score 1) 4

If you haven't yet, you should check out 'Alien Swarm' which is a free download through Steam. (Free account required) It's quite possible that you can get it other ways as well but I know it's free, and free multiplayer, through Steam. Anyway... it's a zombie swarm game (similar to crimsonland, i ma3d a gam3 with z0mb13s in it, and many others) but it's 3d. You have the choice of playing from the standard 3rd person view, or for added difficulty you can do first person, no seeing behind you!

Comment Turn to stern and point to shore. (Score 1) 715

I recently built a gaming rig at the same time as a buddy. Naturally we tried to out do each-other but ended up with similar boxes. Not to be out-done, I attached a rudder to my computer. It didn't do anything but always made me feel I had the superior box. Recently I installed a mini-fridge in my room, much to the chagrin of the surge protector. I had to replace the whole computer. Rudder is still good though.

Comment Sum of all fears... (Score 1) 4

True, while Kinect will most likely not replace a physical controller any time soon for games which require high degrees of concentration, accuracy, and dexterity; I am mostly interested in the technology as a UI control replacement. The mouse, traditionally limited to a 2d plane, will be replaced by hand gestures that are recognised in 3 dimensions. This will not only make navigating systems more intuitive for the non-technical but will also allow development for 3d GUI environments. I have played with a "relatively" popular 3d desktop environment in the past and I feel the reason it never caught on was due to the limitations of user input.

Submission + - SPAM: virtual window view

Winscape writes: Winscape Intro

"A Wii remote reports the position of a custom-built IR-emitting necklace in the room via bluetooth. The Winscape software uses this tracker information (when available) to shift the view for the person wearing the IR necklace"

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Comment Future perfect. (Score 3, Interesting) 201

Three things I see happening now are 1) Displays getting bigger and bigger. 2) 3-D everywhere 3) Application integration with normal TV's. I think the next big thing in browsing will be developed for the TV user, like a widget for a web enabled Sony TV or something. I could see semething in the more distant future integrating the 3-d effect with touch/motion detection.

Comment Online cloud storage. (Score 1) 411

Barracuda networks offers a backup service that scales very well with large databases. They also use a deduplication technology that examines each file part by part. If two parts are the same then only one is kept and the other has a marker. In most cases the deduplication ratio is at least 5x (meaning 1tb turns into 200gb) and sometimes it can go as high as 50x deduplication (this is mostly the case with images). After dedup, the data is encrypted and compressed (compression far out weighs the encryption in terms of size) and THEN it's sent off to the cloud.

Measuring the Speed of Light With Valentine's Day Chocolate 126

Cytotoxic writes "What to do with all of those leftover Valentine's Day chocolates? — a common problem for the Slashdot crowd. The folks over at Wired magazine have an answer for you in a nice article showing how to measure the speed of light with a microwave and some chocolate. A simple yet surprisingly accurate method that can be used to introduce the scientific method to children and others in need of a scientific education."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Anti Terror Honor System 74

Fortunately for us, the FAA has imposed the honor system as our next best defense against terrorism. Hopefully this will allow them to increase the volume of non-bladder liquid I'm allowed to take on planes.

NVIDIA Shows Off "Optimus" Switchable Graphics For Notebooks 102

Vigile writes "Transformers jokes aside, NVIDIA's newest technology offering hopes to radically change the way notebook computers are built and how customers use them. The promise of both extended battery life and high performance mobile computing has seemed like a pipe dream, and even the most recent updates to 'switchable graphics' left much to be desired in terms of the user experience. Having both an integrated and discrete graphics chip in your notebook does little good if you never switch between the two. Optimus allows the system to seamlessly and instantly change between IGP and discrete NVIDIA GPUs based on the task being run, including games, GPU encoding or Flash video playback. Using new software and hardware technology, notebooks using Optimus can power on and pass control to the GPU in a matter of 300ms and power both the GPU and PCIe lanes completely off when not in use. This can be done without being forced to reboot or even close out your applications, making it a hands-free solution for the customer."

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