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Comment Not particularly high resolution (Score 1) 65

I guess the fact that one satellite system will cover the entire earth is notable. Though I assume you could get a patchwork to cover the earth at finer resolution from elsewhere. However, 12 m is still rather coarse, even for commercial imagery. "... it offers these data in a multi resolution package of 1m, 2.5m, 5m, 23m, 56m and 180m with suitable spectral resolutions ..." 0.41, 0.5 and 1 m resolution commercial packages. Barath

Ukrainian Arrested In India For TJX Data Theft 40

ComputerWorld reports "A Ukrainian national has been arrested in India in connection with the most notorious hacking incident in US history." "Sergey Valeryevich Storchark was one of 11 men charged in August 2008 with hacking into nine US retailers and selling tens of millions of credit card numbers. He was arrested in India earlier this week, according to a spokesman with India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). In a statement, the CBI said they'd arrested Storchark in New Delhi on the night of May 8, as he deplaned from a flight from Goa, for layover before a flight to Turkey. US authorities had asked for his extradition via diplomatic channels. ... 'His extradition and prosecution would have been very unlikely had he reached his final destination of Ukraine,' the CBI said."

Supermassive Black Hole Is Thrown Out of Galaxy 167

DarkKnightRadick writes "An undergrad student at the University of Utrecht, Marianne Heida, has found evidence of a supermassive black hole being tossed out of its galaxy. According to the article, the black hole — which has a mass equivalent to one billion suns — is possibly the culmination of two galaxies merging (or colliding, depending on how you like to look at it) and their black holes merging, creating one supermassive beast. The black hole was found using the Chandra Source Catalog (from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory). The direction of the expulsion is also possibly indicative of the direction of rotation of the two black holes as they circled each other before merging."

Comment Re:Silly Brits (Score 2, Informative) 568

"FPTP accountability" "There's almost no situation where a proportional representation system would beat out a FPTP system, in terms of keeping the people in charge in a democracy."

Indian elections, like the British, are based on first past the post. However, as India is diverse, this leads to regional" > parties . Even most "national" parties are present and represent quite narrowly. As a result, coalitions are built and reform to ensure a national government. This results in coalition partners having an outsized say in governance and in slower change ("common minimum program") and extremism pandering to narrow political (caste, linguistic) constituencies. The nature of coalition building means that at the highest, there is a loss of accountability and stability.

I wonder if a proportional system would be fairer in that it would result in broader base, nationally (parties running a good second everywhere would be rewarded) and perhaps in less extremism, as "our people" in charge gets defined more narrowly

The Indian provincial elections of 1937 led to Muslim parties coming in second in most places in mostly FPTP system, and hence not being part of those governments. One could make a case that this concern (of being ignored and swamped in a FPTP system) led to demands for a separate muslim country and hence towards the partition of India, (creation of Pakistan) and the associated genocide.

Comment Re:Is it me or is he sounding more desperate? (Score 1) 733

Art is when, in addition to the actual standard representation, the creator is attempting to convey another meaning. For example, 'beauty'. Or 'excitement'. Or whatever. Art is simply what we call symbols and representations that are 'two deep'...the normal literal one, and one on top of that.

So the map of the london underground, with its symbolic representation of straight network lines sold for thousands of pounds, is not art ? Abstract art (Urinals) and Campbell's soup cans are not art ?

.. actually fails the 'art test', as it's often not possible for people to grasp the second meaning without being told it, and there isn't any 'first meaning' beyond 'blobs of stuff'.

So for those people who *are able* to grasp the second meaning, it is art, and for those who can't, it is not ? You just justified Ebert's opinion (for him, it ain't art) and nullified your position (art has an objective definition). We're back again to whatever a person calls art, is art.

I would argue that human minds are extremely good at finding second meanings, but not always.

A switch of squirrel's hair can easily become a shaman's article which translates to art. The mind can supply the context, even years later; it doesn't require the *artist* to set the context always.

Comment The obvious answer and the remaining mystery (Score 1) 209

All of you clearly missed the discovery and reporting that there are 92 other identical clones out there.

Except that in the ultimate twist, it turns out that none of the 94 clones actually did it, it was their progenitor who having successfully faked his death, and having consumed anti-agathic drugs, decided to break into the shopping center and steal the watches and got cut doing so.

Now the only remaining detective work is to find out why he dun it . And before you smart alecs come out with answers like, "the glass was sharp" , I clearly meant why did he break in and steal the watches. The leading theories :

1. Just to keep in practice doing evil things

2. Because the watches were just so *shiny*

4. It was meant to distract you from the other break in in the other shopping center

5.. i)Fake death ii) Consume anti-agathic drugs iii) Clone yourself iv) Steal watches. v)????? vi) profit.

6. Because the watches had inscribed on them ancient mystic Tibetan runes, that when read together would open the bowels of hell, or entitle the reader to 10% discount in Wally's world rides.

7. ..............

Godwin, fail us not, now.

The Military

Indian Military Hopes to Weaponize the Searing "Ghost Pepper" 267

coondoggie writes "The military in India is looking to weaponize the world's hottest chili, the bhut jolokia or 'ghost pepper,' according to a number of news outlets. The Bhut Jolokia chili pepper from Assam, India is no ordinary pepper. In tests first conducted by the New Mexico State University in 2008 and subsequently confirmed by Guinness World records and others, the Bhut Jolokia reached over one million Scoville heat units, while the next hottest, the Red Savina Habenero, clocks in at a mere 577,000. Scoville units are a universally accepted measure of chili hotness."

Comment Who is the 'heavy' here ? (Score 1, Interesting) 183

uranium, the heaviest of the naturally occurring elements

Uranium Density = 19.05 g/cc

Osmium Density = 22.59 g/cc Lanthanide contraction

Iridium Density = 22.56 g/cc

Naturally occurring mineral : Chengdeite : Ir3Fe (an Alloy) Density = 19.3 g/cc

Though Elemental Platinum also occurs in nature and has a density = 21.09

We need a better wording than heavy for most protons in nucleus. How about uranium, the most protonic naturally occurring element.

Timmy O'Riley By L. Hadron and the Colliders 62

Making music has never been quite this awesome! Using only ThinkGeek products (Bliptronic 5000, Guitar Shirt, Drumkit Shirt, Stylophone, and Otamatone Electronic Instrument) the ultra-geeks over at ThinkGeek have created this ultra-cool cover of The Who's Baba O'Reilly. This also qualifies as a full blown shameless plug since ThinkGeek shares a corporate overlord with Slashdot.

Comment Shell Eco marathon (Score 2, Informative) 233

The shell Eco Marathon is pertinent and answers many of the questions I had when reading this

. [] []

a) The CalPoly is an IC Prototype (futuristic) entry; as some noted, the record is held by the Microjoule, St Joseph La Joliverie, 3,771km/l (8870mpg per wolfram Alpha) b) There are categories for Urban Course - realistic quasi street legal modifications, with significant economy wins by the Norwegian and danish teams (fuel cell and ic engine

Comment Re:Don't Be Foolish (Score 1) 197

"Who else would hack one of the most successful companies in the world only to read the e-mails of Human Rights Activists in China? What possible gain could anyone else have from this information?"

Maybe the human rights activists' wife and / or mistresses ?. You got to hope that there's better proof than that before setting off a diplomatic incident. And from what's out so far, there does seem to be more; maybe there's enough for Google, but not for the US state department.

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